What is the charm of drawing tablets with screen “Wacom Cintiq Pro 15.6”?

There are ” Conventional drawing tablet ” and ” drawing tablet with screen ” on the pen tab, but the drawing tablet with screen side of Conventional drawing tablet makes it easier to create digital illustrations, and the professional illustrators are also peripheral devices.

However, because drawing tablet with screen has a lot of expensive models, many will be hesitant to purchase.

So, even among the high price is more expensive, “Wacom CintiqPro15.6” Introducing, please try.

Features of Wacom Cintiq Pro 15.6

This product is expensive drawing tablet with screen, but it is made easy to produce digital illustrations.

So let ‘s go to see what places are easier to manipulate.

15.6 type liquid crystal

Drawing tablet with screen can enlarge or reduce the picture.

Therefore, even people with low vision, it is possible to paint carefully and carefully.

However, if you enlarge or reduce the picture several times, you will not be careful because you will walk away.

Because this product adopts “15.6 type liquid crystal” in this place, the size is getting bigger.

Therefore, even people with low vision do not enlarge or reduce the picture so, there is something to draw.

Because it is drawing tablet with screen with this feature, it is possible to make more illustrations than ever before because the work time can be shortened.

Display color

If you use drawing tablet with screen to create a digital illustration, the illustration should be shining firmly.

This is because if the number of colors is insufficient or the tone is dull, accurate illustration information can not be known.

There, this product “16.77 million colors (color)” as it is possible to see the color of the picture is now possible to be accurate.

Therefore, visibility (transparency) is excellent drawing tablet with screen If you are looking for this product is recommended.

Viewing angle

If you sit on a chair and draw a picture with drawing tablet with screen near you, you may notice that the line is curved.

In this case, it is also important to wake up from the chair, look at the picture from a distance, and see if the line is bent.

When you see the picture shining on the LCD screen, if you change the viewing angle, the illustration color may change.

Therefore, this product is horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees, so the color is not changed.

Writing pressure level

This product is not only excellent visibility, “pressure level” is also excellent, can be 8192 levels.

In fact, if the pressure level is excellent, it is easy to adjust the thickness of the line and color depending on the state of putting a special pen.

Therefore, when you draw a line, thinly drawn at the beginning, it is easy to pay the weight of the last line by being thick in the middle.

With this excellent pressure level, you can easily “enter” and “separate” the image to create an original image.

Difference between drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet

This product is highly functional, but some people do not want to buy expensive pen tabs.

So I will introduce the difference between drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet, so please try.

Benefits of drawing tablet with screen

The advantage of drawing tablet with screen is to draw pictures in a state close to analog environment.

In fact, drawing tablet with screen is reflected on LCD screen of pen tab body.

In contrast, in the case of Conventional drawing tablet, the picture is displayed on the PC’s display.

Therefore, if you have little experience in making digital illustrations so far, we recommend using drawing tablet with screen that are close to the analog environment.

Conventional drawing tablet merit

Conventional drawing tablet is significantly different from the analog environment compared to drawing tablet with screen, but it is too hot.

On the other hand, drawing tablet with screen is generating heat, making it difficult to use in summer season.

Therefore, some people may use cooling fans when using drawing tablet with screen in the summer season.

If you are using a cooling fan, it may be possible to cool the heat, but it will incur an electricity bill.

If you think about it, those who are worried about heat and electric charges, I recommend the Conventional drawing tablet side.

Digital merit

This product makes it easy to create digital illustrations, so you can get many benefits.

So let’s go see what we can get by creating digital illustrations.

Easy to modify and process illustrations

If you are creating an analog illustration, you must wait for the color to dry when you have painted the wrong color.

If you paint a different color on the uncoloured color, the color will be dark.

In contrast, digital illustrations are dry at the moment of coloring.

Therefore, even if coloring fails, it is possible to coat without waiting for time.

Among the software to create digital illustrations, “filter function” is also equipped with, you can easily process the picture.

Sidebroad on the Internet

In the case of an illustration made in analog, only one piece is produced after one piece is produced.

On the other hand, in the case of digital illustrations, it is possible to sell any number of pictures if you process them with pictures or T-shirts.

In addition, the internet can utilize crowdsourcing to submitting works and submitting works where digital paintings are applied.

And HP can also introduce and sell photos and T-shirts printed with digital illustrations.

If you are not satisfied with the salary of the company you have worked so far, you can increase your income by using this product.

Product information details

If you want to know more about this drawing tablet with screen product, please refer to the following product information.

Angle adjustment

Drawing tablet with screen is not a PC display, it is easier to work because the picture is reflected on the pen tab body.

However, since the drawing tablet with screen side of the PC is lower than the display on the PC, you need to lean your head to see it in such a low position.

However, if you are leaning your head over a long period of time, you should not be careful because it will not put a heavy burden on your neck.

Therefore, this product can put the angle of the pen tab body to a certain degree, so you can reduce the burden on the neck.

Expensive drawing tablet with screen

This product has a lot of attractive points drawing tablet with screen, there are products that cost money.

Therefore, it is free in the Rakuten market, but it is 181,440 yen including tax (as of April 26, 2018).

In fact, there are a number of drawing tablet with screen products sold for less than one million yen.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high-cost drawing tablet with screen, please purchase this product.


Because this product is getting higher prices, there may be many who worried about purchasing.

However, it is difficult to make illustrations in a short time if you buy a fluid tab that does not have a lot of features.

Also, it is difficult to make an image as it is because of its excellent visibility, so it is worth examining a powerful drawing tablet with screen like this product.