What is the charm of drawing tablet with screen “Wacom Cintiq Companion 2”?

Elecom Wacom pen tablet Cintiq 13 HD / HD Touch / Cintiq Companion 2 film paper-like anti-reflection 13.3 inches [made in Japan] TB-WC13FLAPL

It is possible to produce digital illustrations in a state close to the environment in which an analog illustration is produced.

With this drawing tablet with screen, those who have not produced digital illustrations can become accustomed in a short period of time.

However, there are many people who are worried about whether drawing tablet with screen is worth purchasing because there are expensive models like “Wacom Cintiq Companion2”.

So, I will introduce the charm of this product, so please check if it is worth the price.

Performance of Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

This product is designed to make it easy to create illustrations, there are things to focus and draw a picture.

In addition, because it is possible to produce illustrations efficiently because it has several excellent features, so please refer to the performance introduced for those who want to know this drawing tablet with screen in detail.

16.77 million colors

Drawing tablet with screen is reflected on the LCD screen, so you can not see beautifully colored illustrations as the display color is small.

Therefore, this product, “1677 million colors” are designed to be seen.

Therefore, when you use this product, the picture will be reflected in beautiful colors, which will motivate your creative desire.

However, you can display beautiful colors, but if you can not make use of its functions, you need to be careful because you can not complete beautiful pictures.

2048 Level

Currently, many people are making digital illustrations using pen tabs, but there have been many people who have made digital illustrations using a mouse.

However, the pen tap is equipped with a pressure sensing function, it is now possible to adjust the thickness of lines and colors in the state of putting a special pen.

Since this feature is not available on the mouse, the pen tab is now able to create illustrations efficiently.

In addition, the pressure detection of this product, “2048 level,” so there is a wider range of fine lines to thin lines, you can easily put into the illustrations.


If you have created a digital illustration, I think you can find out, but when you do something, you need to do some work.

Therefore, when performing various tasks, it is necessary to click on the tool, so you should not be careful.

There, this product is equipped with a “shortcut” function, you can do a variety of things just press the button on the drawing tablet with screen body.

Therefore, if you are looking for a model that can efficiently produce illustrations, this product is recommended.

Also supports fingertips

There are many pen tabs, but we only support the pen, this product is not only a special pen [finger] is also compatible with.

This allows you to zoom in or out with the other hand while using your left-handed pen.

In addition, because it is possible to rotate and drag the finger, this product is both hands, you can complete the illustration in a short time.

Therefore, those who are making illustrations at work, If you are being chased by delivery, it is worth using this product.

Points of high convenience

This product is not only high performance, but also increasing convenience.

So, let’s talk about where it is becoming easier to use because it can be used for a long time.

Adjust angle

Drawing tablet with screen is a picture on the liquid crystal screen, so when you try to produce like an analog illustration, you should not be looking at the liquid tab.

So the problem is drawing tablet with screen height.

I do not need to tilt my head so much because it is standing on the PC’s display, but because drawing tablet with screen is installed in a raised position, it is in a lower position.

So you need to tilt your head to see drawing tablet with screen, so do not put a heavy burden on your neck and shoulders, so you should not be careful.

However, this product “adjust the angle” can reduce the burden on the shoulder and neck.

Detection of tilt of dedicated pen

Because line is using drawing tablet with screen, line may be shifted.

It is the thing that the pointer deviates greatly by the exclusive pen which it throws out this case.

This product is dedicated pen, “tilt detection” because it is equipped with features, making it difficult to shift the pointer slightly leaning pen.

In addition, the tilt detection function of this product, because it allows a variety of handwriting, is that you can create an expressive illustrations.

Points to be aware of

This product has many attractive points, but unfortunately there are some points to note.

So if you buy anything without knowing anything, you may regret it, so you should not be careful.

So please check it out because it introduces where you should pay attention.

Compact size

This product has been able to emit beautiful colors, has become a compact size, “13 inches” is that it is.

If you have a 13-inch computer desk is also easy to install, but it is easy to install, because the screen is getting smaller, low vision, making it difficult to use.

Therefore, it is necessary to enlarge or reduce the picture.

If you have low vision, please carefully consider whether you should buy this product because it is drawing tablet with screen with such a feature.

Expensive drawing tablet with screen

This product is a compact size because it has a high performance, many people “might not expect a model that is too expensive”.

In Amazon, some regions have a tax-inclusive price of 145,000 yen per post (as of January 29, 2018).

In fact, there are many models sold in the drawing tablet with screen around 50,000 yen.

Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to those who can not purchase a very expensive model.

Users reviews

This product was not only attractive points, but also had some points to be careful, so you may have wondered whether to buy this drawing tablet with screen.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, this drawing tablet with screen is worth buying enough, please try.

Good reviews

This product is increasing in resolution and accuracy, there was something that satisfies the high performance.

Therefore, those who have used pen tabs that are getting lower resolution or accuracy are worth examining this product.

Also, when using this product, I sometimes liked the place where the line was difficult to shift.

In this neighborhood, it is strongly related that this product is equipped with pen tilt detection function.

In addition, there were those who satisfied the place where it was easy to operate compared with Conventional drawing tablet.

Bad reviews

If you order this product, you will have a defect, and contact the manufacturer ‘s initial failure should be treated within one week, “I might have to say.

Therefore, it is a good idea to order this product and quickly contact the manufacturer if you have a problem.

In addition, the screen of this product may be blacked out, so be careful.

If you use Amazon, it is better to buy a new one, not a used one, because there are various problems such as this.

However, in the case of new products, please note that it will also be expensive.


This product is pressure sensitive to color density, so you can create illustrations comfortably because it is drawing tablet with screen.

However, many people will be hesitant to buy because the price is rising.

Of course, drawing tablet with screen is cheaper than the product, but if you use a low-performance model, you can not produce illustrations efficiently.

Therefore, it is difficult to secure time to draw illustrations out of time due to delivery, it is worth purchasing this product.