What is pen tablet? What is the best way to use it? First Pentab Lecture ~ Basic Pentab’s Commentary & Recommended Drawing Software 3 Choice ~

Elecom Wacom pen tablet Cintiq 13 HD/HD Touch/Cintiq Companion2 Film paper-like anti-reflection prevention 13.3 inches [made in Japan] TB-WC13FLAPL

Illustrators and cartoonists, as well as those who have a hobby, the pen tablet is widely used for people who are known to have a short pen tab.

For those who are thinking about purchasing the pen tab for the first time, we explain how to select the pen tab, how to use it, and recommended picture drawing software.

I have been drawing pictures with analog, but now I want to draw digital pictures.

Please refer to those who think so.

What is Pentab

What is the original pen tab?

First, the basics of pen tabs are explained.

What is Pentab

The pen tab is an abbreviation of the tablet, and is a PC peripheral with a touch pen and touch panel set.

On the touch screen, you can use the touch pen to move the PC’s mouse cursor (pointer).

The pen tab works like a wired mouse by connecting a cable to the USB port.

You can draw a picture by moving the pointer on the PC screen by operating the touch pen on the touch panel.

Comparison between touch pen and mouse

Because the touch pen can perform the exact movement of the pointer compared to the mouse, the pen tap is widely used as an illustration making tool.

For example, the mouse does not draw a line like a thought, but it becomes a jagged line, but a touch pen can use a smooth line.

In addition, the mouse does not reflect pressure control at all, but the touch pen can respond to pressures and pen angles and draw lines that reflect them.

You can also customize brushes in detail.

Types of Pentabs

There are two types of pen tabs: Conventional Drawing tablet and Drawing tablet with screen.

The pen tab that draws on the screen of the PC as a picture on the touch panel with the touch pen that I talked about until now is actually a tab.

In this case, the touch panel is just a wooden board.

Therefore, you may feel difficult at first because you have to use the touch pen to synchronize with it while watching the computer screen.

However, there are individual differences, but if you get used to it can be handled without problems.

It is one Drawing tablet with screen, but this is a touch screen that has a liquid crystal screen as it is, and it is a substitute that you can draw pictures directly on the screen with touch pen.

It is suitable for people who like to draw lines directly from the tip of the person who has drawn a long time in analogue.

But the price is higher than Drawing tablet with screen minute tab.

I do not mean that the Drawing tablet with screen side is better than Conventional Drawing tablet, but I think which one to choose depends on the taste of the person.

But at first, I think that you will often buy a low-priced Conventional Drawing tablet, so here’s a tabbed tab.

Since then, I think the pen tab here is the work of Conventional Drawing tablet.

How to choose the first Pentab

When you try to buy a pen tab for the first time, you do not know which one you buy, such as size and manufacturing.

Here’s how to make a recommendation on the pen tab.

Pen tab size

There are three sizes of S, M, and L in the pen tab, but it is a common S size and M size.

S size is easy to understand if you think that it draws a picture in the space of a postcard.

It is convenient to carry.

On the other hand, the size M is larger than the size S, and the drawing space is about 2 postcards + α.

What is your budget? Determine your PC screen size in terms of budget and how to draw when drawing from analog.

It’s a budget, but the price is quite different depending on the size.

The big thing is surely getting higher.

It is about the size of the computer screen, but because the reading range of the pen tap (range of drawing) corresponds to the display of the PC, the screen of the PC to use is very large. It may be several times longer and reflected on the screen, so it may not be sensible.

It is about the tendency of how to draw in analogue, but when I draw a picture from analog, I think that the person who painted with the movement of the wrist mainly is S size enough.

On the other hand, the person who painted the big picture by moving his arm in analog might be good in size M.

About the manufacturer of Pentab

Few companies sell pen tabs, and Wacom is especially proud of its overwhelming share.

More than 70% of illustrators say they are using pen tabs of Wacom products.

Wacom’s pen tabs have high performance, stability, and few problems.

I also think that it is suitable for beginners to come along with Ogaki software.

However, the price of other companies (such as Huion or XP-PEN) is higher than.

However, it is not the easiest for beginners to choose the pen tab of Wacom products.

Tips on how to use the pen tab

If you have purchased a pen tab, let’s draw a picture immediately.

Here we will write the hints for how to operate the pen tab and draw the picture.

Specification of Pentab

As I said before, the pen tab consists of a touch pen and a touch panel.

The core of the touch pen is a consumable item, and if it becomes worn for a long time, it must be replaced with a new one.

Also, depending on the type, there are several buttons on the touch pen and touch panel that allow you to assign various functions.

For example, with many touch pens, the buttons on the side correspond to the double click and right click of the mouse.

Basic operation of the Pentab

First, we will explain the basic touch pen and mouse operation correspondence.

Moving the touch pen slightly away from the touch panel moves the pointer.

Once you click “Ton” and click on the touch panel, double-click “Toton” twice.

Drag while holding it on the tablet.

Also, if you are starting the drawing software and drawing a picture, this drag operation is the default action that draws the line.

Painting with Pentab

Drawing with the Pen Tab The touch pen can be rendered in a variety of modes including pencil, brush, stamp, and spray.

Basically, it is the task of drawing a line with a pencil, but the person who uses the pen tab for the first time has drawn the line directly to the old paper so far, so this is not the first time that most of the work is not done well.

You may feel difficult, but try to do a little effort without giving up because you can draw a clean line immediately.

If you clear only there, the rest is waiting for a pleasant digital painting.

Tips for drawing lines with the pen tab

At first I think it is only practice day anyway, but the line is not drawn like imitation slowly, but it is clean to pay to have some momentum.

Even when you are in analog, do you draw shutters, shutters, and fast moving lines?

Digital is like this.

The thickness of the line varies depending on the pressure of the pen tab, so that even minute tilts of the pen tip are reflected on the sensing line.

It becomes like the imitation slowly, and it becomes a certain shaking of the thickness.

Before getting used to it, it’s easy to draw slowly and slowly, but let’s move quickly and boldly.

Featured drawing software

Drawing software is a program that can draw a picture digitally.

By drawing pictures using drawing software and pen tabs, you can draw authentic digital pictures.

In addition to drawing, there are also handwriting and photo processing.

There are various kinds of drawing software to fit the fee and free, but here we describe three recommended software.



So called ‘Crystal’.

It is the royal road of the famous painter soft.

It is widely used as illustration and cartoon production specialist, professional illustrator, and cartoonist.

In addition to the pen and brush, the kind of digital materials tools such as color and background are also very rich, you can buy a soft and ready to draw full-fledged illustrations and comics right away.

Anyway, it may be a bit hard to get used to a variety of functions, but you can certainly find your favorite tools and features.

You can also create animations as well as still images.

The price is 5,000 yen for the download version.

Because there is a trial which can use the whole function free for 30 days, please try it by all means.

Also, Wacom’s pen tab includes a crystal software that can be used in a two-year limited period, so if you purchased a Wacom product, be sure to use the crystal.

If you deal with Krista well, you will be able to draw the same high-quality digital paintings and full-fledged manga that you liked when buying pen tabs.


This is free software.

Even if it is free, it is roughly equipped with function, and it is possible to draw a digital picture which is quite serious just by this.

This software is also included in Wacom pen tab, so please try.

For those who want to experience digital painting without paying first, it is recommended to those who aim to make a little illustrations.

However, the larger the size of the illustrations you draw, the slower your work is, so it is not suitable for people who are trying to draw high resolution pictures.

Adobe Photoshop CC

So called ‘Photoshop’.

Designed and world famous for photo processing is a paid graphics software.

Because it is not specialized in making illustrations, it may not be a painter softly, but also supports the making of illustrations.

Some people use the technique of painting in other drawing software and finishing only in Photoshop.

For processing of the original image, so you can enjoy a variety of processing and rich filters.

This software is a software that you use and pay monthly fee. The price is 980 yen / month (tax excluded) per month.


“Pen Tablet”, an essential tool for drawing digital pictures,

For those pen tabs here, I explained roughly from the basics to tips for using drawing software.

There are a lot of people who are using amateur pen tap and drawing software these days to produce professional-quality works.

I want to be able to make a full-fledged illustration using skillful pen tab.