What is pen tablet Introducing “convenient function close to us”, “rich secondhand goods” “recommended software”

For those who like to draw on a PC, there are many loyal pen tablets, but I think many people do not know about pen tablets.

A pen tablet is a tool for drawing pictures, but it can also be used as a pen mouse by imitating a terminal with a touch pen.

It introduces the functions of the pen tablet and recommendation software.

Pen tablet is a convenient tool that anyone can use

It is a handy tool that anyone with a PC can feel free to use.

I mentioned earlier also, but many people use it instead of a mouse, and it seems to be utilized as a touch pen type mouse function.

If you actually try “there is also this way” is a pen tablet to use surprisingly close.

Pen tablet is rich in second hand goods

When it is called a pen tablet, it is a popular model, and it is from a new one 10,000 yen to a thing more than 100,000 yen.

If you buy a new item, please worry about people who think it is difficult in terms of cost.

Since a lot of used pen tablets are sold at computer stores and Internet shopping malls, it is good to buy new pen tablets once you get used to using used goods.

How much is the price quote of second hand goods

You can usually buy it at thousands of yen will be used.

The state of the body and the model is also popular as a handy item, I will come out soon even if the price is about 100,000 yen or more.

It is still cheaper than the usual new one, 20,000 won, so it is also one way to choose the state of the body of the popular model used hand picked.

Pen tablet is also recommended as a mouse function and input tool

In fact, according to someone who loves pen tablets, you know that you can use pen tablets for input in Word and Excel.

I can use instead of a mouse who has no hobby of painting so far, it is said to be a loyal fan of the pen tablet.

In fact, it is difficult to use it as a character input in Word or Excel because it is input in “handwriting”, but it is familiar to use a pen tablet as a mouse operation that can be done as a “pen tablet that can be done with a mouse” The ground, PC seems to be very easy to operate.

Pen tablet recommendation software

You want to use your pen tablet anyway!

But I think some people are worried about what software they have.

I would like to introduce some of the software that many people use to say that the person who actually uses is also recommending software.

Paint Tool SAI

It is a popular program among pen tablet users.

Simple and easy to use, sharpness in software that specializes in picture drawing Simple operability is the most direct touch sense.

“I want to start painting, but I want to start” is also recommended because I feel a sense of resistance to this software.

Image processing software Photoshop

Software that is familiar to people who are good at graphics and image processing.

It is soft because it is more operable when used with pen tablet.

Lots of ladies as a professional You can create your own pictures and drawings in a tool that is easy to use and specialized in drawing high-quality illustrations from soft.

Because it demonstrates the color correction and processing performance of the photograph, it is recommended that it can be used for the illustration as well as the picture processing.

Illustration tool CLIP STUDIO

It is one of the software that many loyal person who is engaged in illustration production.

Has been used as a classic illustration tool, has been introduced to the PC of the famous maker.

It is said that there are many places that are introduced by universities and vocational schools because of the feeling of freedom and ease of use.

Beginners do not feel stressed, the price is also cheaper, OS is Windows, Mac is recommended because it supports.

By using this software, “It will be so easy and fun to draw,” I have used the CLIP STUDIO to enter the world of illustration and design.

It is a recommended program as an easy-to-use high-performance illustration tool.

Pen tablet free software is also recommended

I just introduced paid illustration tools and software, but I think many people think “is not free software?”

In fact, many people are actually using free software.

Here are some of the free software.


It is free software, but it is relieved illustration drawing software that update is done well.

Beginner “Free software first” is recommended for those who.

This feeling is similar to Windows Paint software, making it simple and easy to see the screen.

It is good for those who are simple tools that can not deal well even if there are various tools.

FireAlpaca is recommended for those who do not require advanced illustrations because they have basic features for making illustrations.


One of the popular tablet software, [Wacom] is included in the smooth, so those who have been using the tablet for a long time, I know a lot of paint tools.

Free software is also recommended for beginners with a simple screen and tools here.

Good compatibility with the pen tablet, I feel so attractive and smooth.

Among the free software is a popular free software with an easy-to-use paint tool.

MediBang Paint Pro

It is free software that supports a wide range of illustration production as well as digital animation production.

Among the free software, it can be used with confidence because it is being done regularly with a relatively new software version upgrade.

It is recommended for those who like cartoons or who want to draw comics in the future.

Various software and features are attractive with free software.

It is not necessary if the person who feels uncomfortable that the type of font is abundant and does not enter “only the appointed character always”.

From the simple screen, this is also recommended free software that can be used by beginners.

When the pen tablet is damaged

If you use it often, the pen part may wear out or damage it accidentally.

It is safe even if the pen itself has been damaged because it can be bought with a pen or new alignment pen.

If the pen tablet itself is damaged, you will have to decide whether you should use the same thing to buy or repair.

It is also important to plan your repair service in advance, as it may be possible to curb the price of a new purchase rather than having it repaired.

Also, if you choose to buy a new purchase again, you may feel different from what you feel so far is a place you want to be careful.

If it is within the warranty period of the terminal, contact the manufacturer. You can check if the warranty can be repaired and ask if it is free.

As well as commissioning a repair company, many manufacturers seem to have a tendency to have a relatively high repair cost.

For repairs, it may be advisable for the manufacturer to ask for repairs in the case of repairs.


In addition to drawing tools for pen tablets, I can use it as a mouse, and I see that there is a lot of free software, and I think that there are many people who feel “surprisingly easy to use”.

It is important to choose the one that fits your purpose and taste widely from new to second hand goods.

From beginners to pros, many pen pens of loyal I want to try to use it as a familiar tool to make pleasant illustrations pleasant way.