“Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3 Full HD LCD Cintiq 13 HD” Details

“Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3 Full HD LCD Cintiq 13 HD” Details

There are two types of tablets, ” Conventional drawing tablet ” and ” drawing tablet with screen,” that are popular with illustrators and cartoonists on personal computers, but the lines drawn on the tablet are drawn on a PC screen-drawing tablet. “, There is a difference that” drawing tablet with screen “is displayed directly on the tablet screen.

I would like to see the popular “Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3 Full HD LCD Cintiq 13 HD” from drawing tablet with screen.

Liquid crystal size of satisfactory drawing comfort even though screen looks small

There are many people who are interested in drawing cartoons and illustrations, or who draw illustrations using tablets for those who prefer to work at work.

I want to use drawing tablet with screen, but if you think that you will take up space, this 13 inch drawing tablet with screen is recommended because it is compact and comfortable.

The 13-inch screen is similar in size to A4, but those who think “a little small” are actually people with impressions of “enough size” and “satisfaction”.

It is recommended to those who are looking for drawing tablet with screen to feel like a small LCD screen.

People who worry about drawing pictures on tablets also feel relieved

I think it is uneasy to draw an image with a tablet. · This drawing tablet with screen detects and detects the pressure of the pen and the tilt of the pen.

It is drawing tablet with screen that realizes comfort in comfortable and easy-to-use nuances when drawing lines.

You can adjust the display in 3 stages with the stand

Because it is a compact LCD screen, it is easy to install even in the place where the PC is placed, but when you use the stand in a small place, you can adjust the angle of three steps, so you can use it comfortably.

Even when placed in a small place in the PC space, you can adjust the angle to draw pictures in easy-to-see positions, so you can comfortably use it in a PC space with a narrow tendency.

Since the pedestal is removable, if you want to use the pedestal from the stationary, you can use it as a favorite style, so you can pull out from the pedestal when you want to hold hands.

Shortcut keys that you can customize to work

drawing tablet with screen
Even though you often use keyboard shortcuts to set commonly used functions when you work frequently, you may find it difficult to use the keyboard shortcuts determined.

A convenient way to do this is to set up your own shortcut keys.

This X has the ability to customize the shortcut keys depending on the job, and you can make your work more efficient by setting up shortcut keys so you can work easily.

The key can be set according to frequently used functions, so there is less stress.

Easy connection and compact wiring attractive

It is a personal computer space that tends to be complicated or complicated, but it is recommended that you design it with small wiring so that wiring does not appear when drawing tablet with screen is installed.

The dedicated cable is the wiring in the third quarter according to the connection destination and the drawing tablet with screen. When wiring the PC with Conventional drawing tablet, the wiring becomes one in drawing tablet with screen and the wiring around the drawing tablet with screen wiring is not disturbed, so it is not easy to use.

If you use a dedicated cable, it will work with Windows or Mac, so it’s easy to connect easily to either one with one wiring.

Recommended for those who are not familiar with the PC or wiring connections because it is not detailed.

Details of “HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT-156HDV 2 15.6 inches”

With the spread of mobile phones and personal computers, the Internet has become an indispensable element in everyday life.

The tablet, called drawing tablet with screen, is popular on the go, because it lets you easily surf the internet on your home or office, as well as on the big screen.

So, this time we will introduce HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT – 156 HDV 2.

Compact and convenient to carry

One of the important things about using drawing tablet with screen is that it’s easy to carry.

The tablet not only allows you to use the Internet at home, but also allows you to easily enjoy the Internet on the go.

Therefore, it is important that you do not interfere with the size and size of the baggage when you go out.

At this point, the HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT-156HDV2 is lightweight with a weight of 3.8 kg, so even if you are a woman, you will not feel the weight.

The size of the body is 48.4 x 31.6 and it is a compact size so it is better not to enter the bag even if you put it in the bag.

You can enjoy the power of large screen as it is outside

HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT – 156 One of the reasons HDV 2 is recommended is the size of the screen.

Talking about the tablet is compact and easy to carry, and the size of the screen is proportional to the compact size.

However, this product maximizes size to achieve a large screen of 15.6 inches.

This allows you to use the touch pen to work comfortably, as well as read videos, watches and sentences.

The touch pen is specialized to make it easy to use, so you can easily try tablet beginners from a familiar veteran.

The screen resolution is also 1920 x 1080 high quality and sharp images.

Easy-to-use connection terminal that combines various connections

Tablets typically use wi-fi as their default usage over an Internet connection, but connectivity to external devices is also important.

HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT-156 HDV 2 can also be connected to external equipment using a dedicated cable.

The main function is to use HDMI to display the screen on a home TV or PC and exchange data via a USB connection.

These features are considered standard on most tablets, but depending on the product, you may need to remove the connectors and prepare items based on their size.

Among them, this product has the feature that it can connect to all external devices including power connection with one terminal.

It is not only able to cover all functions with dedicated cable, but also attractive because it is durable.

You can work comfortably by using shortcut keys

Some users who use mobile phones, such as personal computers and smartphones, can use shortcuts to easily connect to their favorite sites and applications for easy access.

The HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT-156HDV2 has 14 convenient hot keys that you can customize to your work efficiency.

And with the built-in touch bar you can move the screen smoothly.


Drawing tablet with screen is sold by various manufacturers due to increased demand, but functionality and usability vary from person to person. It is therefore important to find the right drawing tablet with screen for you.

Among them, HUION drawing tablet with screen introduced the Kamvas GT – 156 HDV 2 15.6 inches this time, and it is recommended for many people who are considering buying more for beginners who are planning to buy.