Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 is a highly functional Drawing tablet with screen to match the price

 Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 LCD pen tablet 13.3-inch Full HD LCD tablet Wacom propene 2 included Mac Windows compatible DTH-1320/K0

Drawing tablet with screen is a peripheral device that has been attracting attention among people who are making digital illustrations, but it was a phenomenon that the price was high.

Recently, there are more and more models sold at around 50,000 yen, so there are a lot of expensive models.

However, Wacom’s Drawing tablet with screen “Wacom Cintiq Pro 13” is priced to fit the price.

So, for those who are thinking of buying Drawing tablet with screen now, this product is introduced, please try.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 points of interest

This high-performance product has four notable points, its size / 8192 level / IPS method / tilt detection level.

If you have not used Drawing tablet with screen, I think there are many unknown names, so let’s introduce these four points in detail.

Compact size

Drawing tablet with screen is equipped with a liquid crystal, Conventional Drawing tablet does not adopt a liquid crystal tablet because of the pen tap, the illustration is reflected in the pen tab body.

So if you are buying an Drawing tablet with screen, many people are thinking of purchasing a large Drawing tablet with screen size.

In fact, Wacom’s Drawing tablet with screen has a large Drawing tablet with screen of 27 inches, so the illustration is easy to see.

However, to install a large Drawing tablet with screen, you need to prepare a wide PC base, so you should not be careful.

Since this product is only 13 inches, it is possible to install it on a computer desk that is not very wide.

Therefore, it is easier to use even those who have a narrow PC base.

8192 Level

The function that becomes important when selecting Drawing tablet with screen is “pressure level”.

This pressure level allows you to change the thickness of lines and colors by adjusting the force applied to the dedicated pen.

Therefore, by using Drawing tablet with screen with a high pressure level, the width of line and color thickness can be widened.

And the detection of the pressure of this product, “8192 level,” so there is a wider range of lines and colors.

So when you draw the border of a character, you can draw thick lines and thin lines.

IPS method

Among home appliances, liquid crystal is adopted in many products.

There are various types of liquid crystal, such as TN type / VA type / IPS type.

TN system and VA system is attractive for those who prefer price than quality because it is low cost.

Instead of IPS, instead of expensive “viewing angle” is widening.

If you actually have a wide viewing angle, you will see the same color from another angle.

Because this product adopts the IPS method, it looks in a similar color even when viewed from a different angle.

Lean detection level

If you are using an inexpensive Drawing tablet with screen, the line may be out of alignment if you do not align the pen vertically.

If you use these Drawing tablet with screen, you should not be careful because you can not produce effective illustrations.

There, the “tilt detection level” is increasing, and it is possible to make illustrations according to the tilt of the exclusive pen when tilted.

Therefore, if you want to produce illustrations efficiently, this product is recommended for higher tilt detection level.

Use Clip Studio

Wacom has the advantage of using software “Clip Studio” to create digital illustrations even if there are many expensive models.

There is actually Drawing tablet with screen that can not cope with Clip Studio, and even if it is expensive, it is worth using this product.

So let’s go to Clip Studio to see what features are included.

Coloring function

Those who have never made digital illustrations may be embarrassed and put on a ‘muddy’ point.

For example, in the case of an analogue picture, you can color the position only by placing the brush.

However, digital paintings can only be colored in lines (there are ways to color them as analog).

Therefore, if there is a broken line, the color will disappear.

So Clip Studio “closure” is equipped with a feature called, even if the line is disconnected, the color is not coming out.

3D drawing doll

If you try to draw characters from digital illustrations, there will be people who can not draw well without models.

In such cases, we recommend using the “3D Figure Doll” in Clip Studio.

This 3D figure doll is a sample when you draw a character because it gives a free pose to the character.

3D figure dolls are also examples of shadows when drawing characters because they can match light sources.

Points to be aware of

This product has a lot of attractive points Drawing tablet with screen, but unfortunately there are some points to note.

So, please confirm that you will pay attention to what you should pay attention to so that you do not have to buy this product and regret it.

Narrow work area

Because this product is a compact size, it is easier to install on a computer desk, “work area” is getting narrower because it should not be careful.

This workspace is an area where the dedicated pen can respond, and is an important point in creating illustrations.

In fact, if the work area is widening Drawing tablet with screen, you can draw a strong line because you can force lines from left to right.

However, if the work area is narrowed like this product, it is difficult to draw a line with good momentum, and you should not enlarge the picture when you draw the detail.

Therefore, please be careful if you want to make a detailed description.

Expensive Drawing tablet with screen

This product is also called Wacom Drawing tablet with screen, and is at an expensive price, and Amazon is free of charge with a tax-inclusive price of 114,616 yen (as of February 3, 2018).

Therefore, it is more than twice the price of cheap Drawing tablet with screen is.

If you think about it, if you are not satisfied with the functions introduced so far, please consider carefully whether you purchase a product with a high price.

User satisfaction

This product has a higher price than you thought, even if it has high functionality, may be embarrassed to buy.

So, to introduce the satisfaction of those who are using this product, please buy this Drawing tablet with screen, please try.

Favorable reviews

Drawing tablet with screen

Among those who use this product, there were those who liked the place where the response of the exclusive pen was good.

In fact, the reaction of the exclusive pen X is bad because there are many, the response is getting better is the attraction of this product.

In addition, the resolution of this product is 1920 × 1080, some people were satisfied with the beautiful colors.

Therefore, if you use this product, you can encourage creative motivation, making it easier to concentrate on making illustrations.

Negative reviews

Because this product is only 13 inches, I was dissatisfied with the narrowing work area.

In fact, even the economical Drawing tablet with screen 13 inches larger than the model is sold, so please be careful about the size of the choice.

Also, if you try to use this product Conventional Drawing tablet is used, I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the way you work.

In fact, the environment is very different in Conventional Drawing tablet and Drawing tablet with screen, so be careful.


This product is being sold at an expensive Drawing tablet with screen, so I might be a lot of people are worried about purchasing.

However, even if you purchase an inexpensive Drawing tablet with screen, if the reaction of the exclusive pen is bad, it will take time to complete the illustration.

Therefore, if you are a person who makes a picture as a hobby, there is no problem, but if you are making illustrations at work, it is worth buying a high-performance product.