The Drawing tablet with screen “XP-Pen Artist 16Pro” is excellent in the height of the cospa?

XP-Pen Drawing tablet with screen 16 inch FHD monitor 8 pieces Express key 8192 level writing pressure Windows / Mac compatible Artist16Pro

Drawing tablet with screen was selling a lot of expensive models, but nowadays, cheap Drawing tablet with screen is also sold (as of February 5, 2018).

Not only is it cheaper, but it also comes with free software, like XP-Pen Artist16Pro.

Therefore, I think it is an interesting model for those who are looking for a high Drawing tablet with screen COSPA, let’s introduce more about this product.

Viewability of XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro

Visibility of this product as a big attraction (transparency) is the height.

In fact, Drawing tablet with screen is a picture on a liquid crystal screen, so if the picture is sharp, it will make work efficiency worse.

Therefore, let’s go to the point that the visibility of this product is increasing.

High resolution

“Resolution” of this product is high and there is also “1920 × 1080”.

Since this resolution represents a point (dot), this product is horizontally oriented 1920 dots horizontally at 1080 degrees.

Since you can express the color in one dot, there is nothing to illuminate a beautiful picture because the color is limited to see a small number of dots.

Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful picture at affordable prices, this product has become a high resolution is recommended.

Wide viewing angle

A lot of high-resolution Drawing tablet with screen are sold, but you should not even pay attention to the ‘viewing angle’.

This is because if the viewing angle is narrow, there is a big difference in color or contrast depending on the viewing angle of the LCD screen.

Therefore, when the viewing angle uses Drawing tablet with screen, you can see a beautiful picture when you look at Drawing tablet with screen from the front, but the color looks different from other angles.

Therefore, this product has a wide viewing angle design “178” is also available.

Therefore, this product can be seen from a different angle, beautiful picture.

16 inches

Even if the resolution and viewing angle are excellent, if the LCD screen becomes small, the illustration becomes difficult to see.

In fact, this product “LCD screen” is getting bigger “16” is also available.

Drawing tablet with screen is touching a dedicated pen on the LCD screen, and drawing a picture, it is narrowing from Drawing tablet with screen to the working area.

Therefore, not only is the visibility of the product is 16 inches, making it easy to draw pictures because it extends to the work area.

Remarkable function of this product

This product is not only highly visible, there are two features that can efficiently create illustrations, it is “pressure level” and “reporting speed” is.

However, I think there are many people who do not know more about these two functions.

Writing pressure level

The pressure level is the function of determining the width of line and color thickness by controlling the force applied to the Drawing tablet with screen accessory “dedicated pen”.

In fact, the pressure level is low, using the Drawing tablet with screen, you will not have too thick line and color to produce a special pen through the force.

Also, put a lot of power, even if the pen only touches the screen line and color is not too thin “in” and “separation” can not draw well because you can not draw.

The pressure of this product is “8192 level,” so, it is possible to produce a wider line width and color thickness.

Report rate

When you use Drawing tablet with screen, you may not be able to draw a picture even if you touch the screen with a dedicated pen.

If this happens, “RPS” is involved.

This RPS is a function that determines the response speed when the special pen touches Drawing tablet with screen.

Therefore, you should not be careful because you can not draw smooth lines if you use an Drawing tablet with screen that has no RPS.

So this product has been reported to 266RPS speed, making it easy to draw a smooth line.

Product information of this product

If you would like to know more about this product, check out the following product information from where we introduced the visibility and functionality of this product.

Free software

If you purchase Drawing tablet with screen, you need not only the Drawing tablet with screen main body but also the software that makes digital illustrations.

However, there are many who can not afford to buy soft because the money is taken just by purchasing Drawing tablet with screen.

Therefore, this product is software only for Windows, free ‘open canvas’ is out.

This software is free to say that it is equipped with features you can not imagine, making it easier to create digital illustrations.

Therefore, if you use Windows, it is worth checking this product.

Angle adjustment

Unlike PCs, Drawing tablet with screen can be installed in a low position because it will be used for sleeping.

So when you use Drawing tablet with screen, you lean your head to make illustrations.

However, when you tilt your head over a long period of time, you should not be careful because it will not put a heavy burden on your shoulders and neck.

In fact, if you are looking at your smartphone for a long time from a low position, it will become a “straight neck” and there will be a lot of people suffering from stiff shoulders and neck stiffness.

So this product has been able to adjust the angle of the body, making it easier to reduce the burden on the shoulder and neck.

Reasonable price

This product is a lot of attractive points Drawing tablet with screen, so many people, “Is it really cheap,” and may have been dubious.

In fact, this product is available at Amazon for free with a tax-inclusive price of ¥ 48,999 (as of February 4, 2018).

This is possible, XP-Pen was founded in Japan, but the establishment of a low-cost Taiwan office is a big deal.

Therefore, those who are more focused on price than countries that are developing Drawing tablet with screen are worth checking this product.

Users reviews

As this product has attractive points, even Drawing tablet with screen has established a branch office in Taiwan, it may be uneasy whether it is really high quality.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, please try.

Good reviews

Among those who are using this product, there is something that meets the size of the appropriate size.

Actually, there are a lot of Drawing tablet with screen models that are 27 inches in size, but a large computer desk is required to install such models.

Therefore, too much too big Drawing tablet with screen who is looking for this product is recommended.

In addition, this product has become a high-resolution, and some people liked the place where the picture is beautiful.

Bad reviews

If I try to use this product, I might get frustrated because the points are out of order.

In fact, if the pointer deviates when the dedicated pen touches the screen, it is recommended to touch the liquid crystal screen with the dedicated pen as vertical as possible.

In addition, the instruction manual of this product is few in Japanese, there were also people who would suffer when setting this product.

Therefore, please note that those who have not set Drawing tablet with screen.


Because this product is easily shifted pointer, there are many who have worried about purchasing this Drawing tablet with screen.

However, the difference in pointers can be suppressed by using Drawing tablet with screen multiple times.

Therefore, by practicing it several times, the disadvantages of this product can be covered, so it is worth examining this product which is getting higher in cospa.