Surprisingly high performance is low price Drawing tablet with screen “HUION GT – 221 PRO”?

Huion GT-221PRO Drawing tablet with screen full HD Drawing tablet with screen 21.5 Inch 8192 Pen Pressure Sensitivity

There are Conventional Drawing tablet and Drawing tablet with screen pen tabs, and this tab is sold at a low price.

Therefore, if you can not spend a lot of money on the Conventional Drawing tablet, you want to buy the Conventional Drawing tablet side.

However, Drawing tablet with screen has many advantages instead of expensive.

There are also many Drawing tablet with screen, such as “HUION GT-221PRO” low price, but also high-performance models.

Therefore, Drawing tablet with screen is expensive, so I think it is an interesting model for those who gave up buying, so let’s go to see this product.

Product information of this product

When you purchase Drawing tablet with screen, you must first determine if your PC can support this product.

So we introduce the OS and the cost that can support this product, so please check this Drawing tablet with screen if you want to know more details.

Supported environment

There are two main types of PC OS: Windows and Mac.

In Japan, many use Windows, but it is Mac that is widely used in the design industry (as of February 7, 2018).

So if you’re looking to work in the design industry in the future, it’s a good idea to buy a Mac or Drawing tablet with screen.

And the OS that can support this product is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac OS X10.11.0 or later.

Macs do not suffer from the design industry in the first place, but not all companies use Macs, so you can use any OS or your favorite choice.

However, if you are purchasing this product, please make sure that you select the one with the installed OS.

Low price Drawing tablet with screen

Drawing tablet with screen is the liquid crystal screen is installed in the pen tab body, Conventional Drawing tablet is a general type of liquid crystal screen is not installed.

Drawing tablet with screen is expensive because it is easy to make digital illustrations while using liquid crystal screen, so there may be a lot of people who are dubious about selling products at low price.

However, this product is sold at Amazon for 79,369 yen including tax free shipping (as of February 7, 2018).

This affordable price is made possible because HUION is headquartered in Guangdong province, China and is the brand of related companies.

Therefore, it is not cheap and low quality, so you can buy it willingly.

Features of HUION GT-221 PRO

There are many people who are uneasy about whether this product is really affordable even if you know it is cheap Drawing tablet with screen.

So, because this product introduces the point that it is high function, please try.


One point that is important when buying Drawing tablet with screen is “resolution”.

If the resolution is low, it is difficult to show beautiful pictures, so there will be no motivation for creative motivation.

And the resolution of this product “1920 × 1080” is also available.

Since the resolution is a group of dots (dots), this product is horizontally oriented 1920 dots horizontally at 1080 degrees.

Since the color is reflected in this point, this product is to be able to reflect the beautiful colors and smooth lines.

Therefore, if you are looking for a model that can see the beautiful screen at affordable Drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.

Writing pressure sensitivity

In fact, you do not have to buy Conventional Drawing tablet, you can create digital illustrations on your PC.

However, it is difficult to draw a smooth line because you have to purchase Conventional Drawing tablet to create a picture with your mouse.

Also, in case of a mouse, if you change the thickness of line and color, you need to change the settings, so you will have to work hard.

Conventional Drawing tablet is “Pen Sensitivity (can be called pressure level)” by the pen to put the power to put the pen can easily change the thickness of the line and color.

And the pen sensitivity of this product is 8192 steps, so the width of the width of the lines and colors are wider, so you can produce rich illustrations efficiently.

Shortcut key

If you have never created a digital illustration, you may not know it, but you should not take any steps if you want to do something.

Therefore, it is not possible to apply the color simply by closing the line as shown in the analog picture.

So this product is mounted on the body of the ExpressKey 10 “shortcut” can be set.

By setting this hotkey, you can make various operations with one touch.

Benefits of Drawing tablet with screen

This product is a high price compared to the low price of Drawing tablet with screen is sure to be an expensive model.

Therefore, if you want to buy cheap Conventional Drawing tablet in the area, Conventional Drawing tablet will be attractive.

So I will introduce some of the advantages of Drawing tablet with screen so you know the charm of this product if you know it.

Environment close to analog

Conventional Drawing tablet does not mean to draw pictures on the pen tap body even at low price.

Actually, the illustration is reflected even when the exclusive pen is overlaid on the Conventional Drawing tablet main body is the display of the PC.

Therefore, it is time consuming to get used to it because it is different from the environment which draws picture on paper or canvas like analog.

On the other hand, in the case of Drawing tablet with screen, the picture is displayed on the liquid crystal screen of the Conventional Drawing tablet main body, so the illustration can be produced in an environment close to analog.

Suppress line misalignment

Conventional Drawing tablet may be a lot of people who think that you will get used to practice many times in an analog environment away from analog.

It is embarrassed how to handle when using Conventional Drawing tablet surely, but it is possible to get used to practice many times.

However, because Conventional Drawing tablet is different from the part that touches the pen and the part that illuminates the illustration, the line is becoming more uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Drawing tablet with screen is hard to cause a difference in line because the part touching the exclusive pen and the part illuminating the illustration are the same.

There are also people who are familiar with the practice of this shift in the line, because some people are unfamiliar with it, it is better to buy this product from the beginning cheap Drawing tablet with screen.

Users reviews

We have introduced the charm of this product, but there are those who actually want to know if they are really satisfied.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, so please try this model is worth it to buy more valuable tab.

Good reviews

This product is a model with excellent pressure, there was a person who is comfortable to use.

If the pen sensitivity is actually excellent if “in” and “detached” can easily draw.

Therefore, the outline of the character and the eyebrow head are also easy.

There were also people who liked the place where the angle of this product can be adjusted.

In fact, Drawing tablet with screen does not have a height higher than the computer, so it will be used to tilt your head, I will put a big burden on your shoulders and neck.

If you think about it, Conventional Drawing tablet is the great charm of this product can adjust the angle of the body.

Bad reviews

When I ordered this product, I was worried about where I looked like I was not spending too much money.

However, if you do not care about appearance, it is not a problem if you are making illustrations, so you do not have to worry about performance.

Miscellaneous The CD driver for this product may not work with the dedicated pen.

In this case, the dedicated pen started to work after installing the driver from the Internet.

Therefore, if the dedicated pen of this product does not work, it is recommended that you install the driver from the Internet.


Because this product is Drawing tablet with screen, it has excellent pen sensitivity and resolution, so it is worth purchasing this product even if you are worried about purchasing Conventional Drawing tablet until now.

Actually, unlike Conventional Drawing tablet, because the picture is reflected on the LCD screen, those who have not used Y until now can be operated in a short time.

Therefore, the price is higher than Conventional Drawing tablet, but it is recommended to use this product because it is good at once.