Points when using drawing tablet with screen

Points when using drawing tablet with screen

Unlike analog drawing, a little care is required.

Attention to eye fatigue

Unlike analog, it will be a staring monitor.

Everyone knows that it’s not a good idea to keep watching your PC screen for a long time.

Therefore, there are many people who pay attention to time when working with computers.

However, the work of the painting is that all people get angry and experience that they forget the time if they are attracted to it.

If I continue to work with the goodness of the dust, it can mean my eyes are fuzzy.

Also, the position of the monitor and eyes is too close.

Use a timer to check for breaks, use eyeglasses with reduced blue light and try to stay as far away from the monitor as possible.

A little stretch is also effective at breaks.

You can also slide by sweating your hands

Even when drawing normally, the hand and fingers concentrate and sweat.

If this sweat draws a picture on paper, the paper gets dirty.

Using the liquid tap will contaminate the monitor.

It is also about finishing and should be avoided as much as possible.

However, there is a problem with the LCD monitor that generates heat, especially when using drawing tablet with screen.

It is usually easier to sweat than to work on paper.

To clean your hands frequently, wipe your hands close and wear gloves.

I want to pay attention so that the soil does not cling to the beautiful picture.

Be careful not to scratch the monitor

Painting on something, of course writing a job, but I need pressure on pain.

Also, because there is pressure and individual differences in wrinkles, I can not say unconditionally, but if you do not do well on paper, you may break the paper.

If you have a strong writing power, you must have experience.

Drawing tablet with screen is the same.

The liquid crystal is not in the drifting stone, but the risk of scratching is always next to each other.

Especially if you have a strong pen pressure and prefer a thin pen, you should be careful about this.

However, the fact that drawing tablet with screen is displayed directly on the monitor means that it can not be easily scratched.

Keep in mind that you may be scratched if you use it a few times.

If you are concerned that you can not see the illustrations tightly due to scratches, it is a good idea to place the protective film in advance.

Depending on the protective film, there are elements that can prevent light from reflecting off the LCD screen, which helps prevent eye strain.

To make work place wider

If you normally draw a picture, there is plenty of room to put a piece of paper, and it is sufficient to work with a pen and paint.

However, when creating illustrations with drawing tablet with screen, you need to make room on your PC.

Depending on the size of drawing tablet with screen, choosing a large size that is easy to read and easy to read will take up space.

I would like to anticipate that a desk that has been used on a PC so far would be inadequate.

Especially for desktop users, there is a problem with the peripherals, so you need to have enough space.

In some cases, it is also possible to change to a large desk.

The price is absolutely high

Compared to the drawing tablet, the price will surely be higher.

The initial cost should be firmly prepared.

It’s a good idea to think about your investment because it’s more efficient.

There is a difference depending on the performance, but if the performance is too high, there is no mistake at the price of about 100,000 yen.

What kind of manufacturer are manufacturers of drawing tablet with screen?

Wacom Windows 10 installed drawing tablet with screen Wacom MobileStudio Pro13 Core i5/memory 8GB/128GB SSD/13.3 inch DTH-W1320L/K0

Wacom, the premier manufacturer, runs on both Conventional drawing tablet and drawing tablet with screen.

The price is high, but the performance, durability, drawing taste and stable operation are excellent and well worth it.

It is a maker with a high operation rate, and it is the power to firmly cope with troubles such as trouble.

For details on Wacom’s drawing tablet with screen, see “ Wacom’s drawing tablet with screen the best 4! It is worth the expensive price? ” is summarized.

The price is a bit high for beginners, even if you say anything.

So, other manufacturers have seen it, and the number of manufacturers that have been handled fairly recently has increased.

There are also manufacturers that offer low prices, so it’s a good idea to look for products.

It is now important to compare the problems and performance of your wallet to select the model you think is most needed.

It is sad that we can not buy and have the ability to draw on the screen.

Be sure to get a good idea of what the main tasks are right now, which gases and capabilities are right for you.

Especially when it’s the first drawing tablet with screen, it’s important to hear the word of mouth as well as the people who actually use it.

Also, when you go to a specialty store, many people are familiar with the staff, so please ask for a reference.

Anyway, it is a machine as it is at the price.

It is also a partner to draw pictures together.

Choose a model that is easy to use and long-lasting.