Is “UGEE 1910 B Drawing Tablet With Screen ” highly convenient?

【Genuine & Japanese manual included & 1 year warranty】UGEE 1910B drawing tablet with screen 19 inch drawing tablet with screen Pentab for professionals Acquired PSE certification Windows and Mac compatible

Now, by manipulating PC and drawing tablet with screen, people have been increasingly making digital illustrations.

There are many people who want to create digital illustrations from analog because digital illustration is easy to copy and modify.

And among the many drawing tablet s with screen, there are models that are not only capable of producing digital illustrations like “UGEE 1910B drawing tablet with screen ” but also increasing convenience.

So if you have never used drawing tablet with screen before, it’s easy to create illustrations, so please refer to it in detail.

Attraction of UGEE 1910 B Drawing tablet with screen

Drawing tablet with screen is a work area, called the LCD screen, imitating the pen, the illustration can be saved as digital data.

However, it will be difficult to make digital illustrations with high convenience.

There, this product is to improve pressure sensitivity and durability, because it makes it easier to create illustrations, please try to put in its charm.

Pressure sensitivity

There are drawing tablet with screen (liquid pen type tab) and Conventional drawing tablet (ordinary type pen tab) on the pen tab.

It is common to make illustrations by rewriting all the exclusive pen, this product is drawing tablet with screen.

And the pen tab is able to change the thickness of lines and colors by holding the pen and adjusting the force.

However, the ability to detect special pen “pressure sensitivity” should be excellent, it becomes difficult to control the line and color.

And this product is also easy to control the color and line because it has a level of pressure sensitivity 2048.

Excellent durability

Because drawing tablet with screen imitates the exclusive pen on the liquid crystal screen, it becomes a thing to replace liquid tab when the durability of the liquid crystal screen is bad.

If it happens, it will be a considerable expense and you should not be careful.

This product is “high-strength tempered glass,” because it is adopted, is to achieve excellent durability.

Therefore, it is easy to concentrate on illustration production because there is no need to pay much attention to intensity.

Drawing tablet on screen with such features, so if you are looking for a model that can be used over a long time, this product is recommended.

Cost performance

Drawing tablet with screen has a higher function than Conventional drawing tablet, there are many more expensive models are sold.

However, this product is drawing tablet with screen, Amazon is free to sell at a tax-included price of 41,999 yen (as of January 18, 2018).

In fact, there are some models that are around 200,000 yen when there is a large amount of drawing tablet with screen, and there are models that are close to 300,000 yen.

Therefore, this product is a cheap model, so it is also recommended for those who are looking for cost-effective drawing tablet with screen.

Compatible software

There are many digital software compatible with this product, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CS6, CLIP STUDIO.

However, if you have never used this software, I think you do not know what software it is better to use, so I will introduce the difference.

Photoshop CC

First time Photoshop CC 2017 (BASIC MASTER SERIES)

Photoshop has excellent ability to edit images in Adobe’s software.

Therefore, various illustrations can be made using the filter function in the illustrations created in drawing tablet with screen.

Because it is software with such a function, it is possible to complete the background by only the filter function.

So if you do not want to create good backgrounds for creating characters, it’s worth using Photoshop CC.

It also has the ability to synthesize images, so you can also combine multiple pictures.

Illustrator CS6

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Windows version (old product)

Illustrator CS6 is Adobe’s software, such as Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC is a great software for editing images, but Illustrator CS6 is an excellent program for creating logos.

This allows you to combine the logo created in Illustrator CS6 with the illustration created in Photoshop CC.

And you can create charming characters by stroking the line from Illustrator CS6 to Illustrator CS6 on the illustration created in drawing tablet with screen.



Among those who want to use drawing tablet with screen, there are those who want to make animations as well as making illustrations.

CLIP STUDIO is what I want to recommend to such people.

Because this software was created to create animations, you can smoothly modify the lines that are a little shaken, and we have a variety of materials available.

Actually, there are times when we buy screen tones when we produce animation by hand, but it becomes a thing to pay money.

If you use CLIP STUDIO in place, you can use tone material free of charge, which is low cost.

Benefits of drawing tablet with screen

This product is cheaper, but Conventional drawing tablet is more affordable.

Therefore, many people may want to buy Conventional drawing tablet, but in fact, there are a few advantages that drawing tablet with screen does not have in Conventional drawing tablet, so I will introduce in detail.


Conventional drawing tablet is the display of the PC that reflects the illustrations even when the special pen is pushed back to the pen tab body.

Therefore, it is difficult to draw lines according to the image even if we try to attract them.

Drawing tablet with screen is a place where it is easy to pull the line as shown in the illustration because it is reflected in the pen tab body.

However, since the pen tab is in a lower position, you may need to tilt your head to see the drawing tablet with screen, which may cause you to suffer from a shoulder stiffness.

Increased degrees of freedom

Conventional drawing tablet is very different from painting on paper or canvas because the picture on the computer monitor needs to be seen.

Drawing tablet with screen is where the pen is drawn to the body of the tab, so if the size is small, change the pen tab body from vertical to horizontal, there is also to draw illustrations.

Therefore, it is possible to create illustrations by drawing on paper and canvas.

Because it is drawing tablet with screen with such merit, even those who have never used the pen tab so far, you can learn drawing tablet with screen in a short time.

Users reviews

This product is a high-price drawing tablet with screen, but some people are dissatisfied with the users.

So I will introduce you to the word of mouth so that you do not have to buy this product and regret it.

Good reviews

This product has become an affordable price, there was something that came out with a USB cable or a dedicated pen.

In fact, if you have a USB cable, you can connect the liquid tap directly to the PC.

Therefore, when you purchase this product, you do not need to purchase anything other than PC and digital soft.

In addition, there is a person who likes the place where it is made to feel smoothly when I try to put the exclusive pen in the working space of this product.

Therefore, we are able to produce mood illustrations.

Bad reviews

When I used this product, there was something that complained about the place where the dot (the dot) was visible.

If the point is actually invisible, it will not be a smooth gradient, so you can not picture beautiful pictures.

If you use such drawing tablet with screen, please note that you may lose the desire to create.

And when I tried to install the driver, the computer could not process it.

Please note that if the OS that corresponds to this product is not installed in the PC, the computer will not respond.


This product has excellent pressure sensitivity, you can turn off the line and color as it is your image.

However, to some extent, it is necessary to be familiar with the operation of the product, so it is necessary to be careful not to draw lines and colors as they are.

There are these precautions, but Conventional drawing tablet is not only easier to become familiar with, because it has become an affordable price, if you want to use drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.