Is there anything to pay attention to when using Drawing tablet with screen? Four points I want to pay attention to

Drawing tablet with screen is a handy product that is useful when you are drawing pictures digitally.

However, when you use it, please keep a few notes.

Especially for those who use Drawing tablet with screen for the first time, it is important to finish them safely.

I will explain in detail the four things you want to check when using Drawing tablet with screen.

Sensation is different from Conventional Drawing tablet

The characteristic of Drawing tablet with screen is that the actual position of the pen and the actual position of the screen are combined.

If you move the pen over the tablet, the movement can be reflected on the screen.

This means that the motion of the hand and the line of the screen are in line, and it is usually close to when you work on paper.

Being close to paper is one of the benefits of Drawing tablet with screen, but in some cases it may take time to get used to it.

The caveat is that the person who used the tabs so far is transitioning to Drawing tablet with screen.

Unlike Drawing tablet with screen and Conventional Drawing tablet, the pen is moved and the screen is divided.

When you move the pen, you will see another screen to check the line.

The sense of Drawing tablet with screen, which is all that is familiar with this movement, may be embarrassing.

The Drawing tablet with screen hides the screen

When the person who used Conventional Drawing tablet for the first time using Drawing tablet with screen for the first time, one of the differences which is embarrassed is the appearance of underwater.

Conventional Drawing tablet is different from the pen moving position and line display position, so you can always see the result of moving the pen in a different position.

In this case, “the hand is interrupted and the line is not visible” does not happen.

But when you move the pen, the drawback is that Drawing tablet with screen is drawn on the spot.

People have been used to the sense of Conventional Drawing tablet until now so that their hands do not show the line, “It is really difficult” I might feel.

If you get used to it, it will not be a big problem, but it can be a bit stressful until then, so keep this in mind.

Convenient to migrate from paper

Drawing tablet with screen may feel a little uncomfortable if you are familiar with Conventional Drawing tablet, but it is very handy for those who migrate from paperwork.

This is, as mentioned above, the sense of drawing in Drawing tablet with screen is closer to the work on paper.

In Conventional Drawing tablet, there is a separate screen where the pen is moved and the line is displayed, so you can work without seeing your fingertips.

But if you can not work on paper and there is a tab on the first digital, there will be a big difference.

Given that, Drawing tablet with screen has quite a paperwork and a close sense.

You should check the location of the pen because the tablet displays the line as it is on the screen.

Of course, on the paper and LCD screen, the sense of moving the pen is not the same because it is not the same, but still easier to catch tips than Conventional Drawing tablet.

Therefore, the person who has been on the paper until now, the person who starts Drawing tablet with screen in the future will be shortened until it gets used to.

Drawing tablet with screen can not be used alone

One of the things to keep in mind when using Drawing tablet with screen is “can not be used alone” is.

When I move the pen, I hear that the position and the screen are one, and if there is one Drawing tablet with screen, there are images that seem to be all finished, but it is not really that simple.

Drawing tablet with screen is disabled by default if you do not have a computer.

You can draw lines with the pen on the first screen by connecting with a PC.

Therefore, the general use of Drawing tablet with screen, the whole picture on the big screen of the PC, the details of the recording, Drawing tablet with screen is often performed on a small screen.

So let’s use Drawing tablet with screen as a multi-monitor.

It is a commodity for drawing a convenient one by increasing the small monitor.

Some items can be used alone

Drawing tablet with screen can not be used without a computer by default, but it can move independently if it is equipped with an OS.

In this case, because the work place is not limited, you can draw anywhere in your favorite place to carry.

However, as the OS is mounted, so the price is higher, so if you do not have a budget item is not recommended.

Also, be careful with many small-sized products.

The compact design considering mobile is similar to the one at first glance, but the small screen is also a factor that leads to difficulty.

If you want a larger screen, you should usually choose Drawing tablet with screen.

Be aware of scratches on the screen

The biggest feature of Drawing tablet with screen is that it also draws lines directly on the screen.

Therefore, there is no sense of discomfort such as Conventional Drawing tablet, you can work in the same sense as paper.

However, remember that running the pen directly on the screen can damage the screen.

So the liquid crystal is not the same thing, it may be that there is a small scratch between the use.

Therefore, people with strong pressure should pay particular attention.

If you force a strong pen, the wound will be turned on.

Take measures with protective film

It is important to stick a protective film in advance to avoid scratching the screen with Drawing tablet with screen operations.

If you are working with bare feet, it is likely that the screen becomes scratched.

At first, even if it was a small wound, it may accumulate and eventually make the line look better.

However, if the protective film is attached to the screen, the strength of the slight pressure is not an issue.

Because it prevents unnecessary scratches, it is always comfortable to work.

The advantage of helping to keep the screen easy to see is also the point that the reflection of light is suppressed.

Less eye fatigue

The difference between working with Drawing tablet with screen and paper is that the size of the burden on the eye is also one of the points that can not be ignored.

Unlike paper, Drawing tablet with screen works while gazing at the liquid crystal screen, so too long work can accumulate fatigue in the eyes.

It is an important consideration to use or to overcome this.

Therefore, always keep the distance from the screen.

When you draw a picture, you have to work on your face closer to the screen, but its use puts a heavy burden on your eyes.

If possible, keep an eye on the screen and avoid strong stimuli more than necessary.

In addition, measures to prevent blue light coming out of the LCD and wearing glasses to cut the blue light is also required.

Blue light not only stimulates the eyes, but also has the effect of interfering with the sleep, so it is not good to receive large amounts.

They do not require paper work, but if you use Drawing tablet with screen, be sure to think about it.


Drawing tablet with screen is a very handy product, but if you use it, do not forget that there are some caveats like this one.

I may overlook it and have unexpected disadvantages.

If you need to take precautions, it is important to do it properly.

If you are using it properly, work of Drawing tablet with screen is very comfortable.