Is the Drawing tablet with screen “Wacom Cintiq 21UX” worth more than the price?

Wacom Drawing tablet with screen Draw directly on a large screen 21.3-inch screen with a pen Cintiq21UX DTK-2100/K0

Wacom Drawing tablet with screen is very popular because it boasts an overwhelming reputation.

What many people are using is called a stable Drawing tablet with screen, but the phenomenon is that there are many expensive models instead.

Therefore, there are many who are thinking of buying Drawing tablet with screen other than Wacom.

However, Wacom Drawing tablet with screen “Wacom Cintiq21UX” like the price is not expensive because there are high-performance models, let me introduce in detail.

Visibility of Wacom Cintiq 21 UX

Wacom Drawing tablet with screen Draw directly on a large screen 21.3-inch screen with a pen Cintiq21UX DTK-2100/K0

The high performance of this product is “visibility (transparency)” because it is excellent.

If visibility is not really good, it is not only difficult to produce illustrations, but there are a variety of disadvantages.

So I will introduce you to the place where the visibility of this product is excellent.

Large sized Drawing tablet with screen

This product is “21.3 inches,” so you can easily see the illustrations.

Actually, there are some models that are only 13 inches in size, so it is difficult to see the picture in such a small size liquid tap.

If you use an Drawing tablet with screen that does not have good visibility, you may not be able to see the enlarged picture, but if you do such a thing, you will have to be careful because you will walk away.

Therefore, if you have a big screen Drawing tablet with screen like this one, you need to have a fairly low vision so you do not have to enlarge the illustration.

Realize a beautiful color

Even those who like to make illustrations can not help but lose concentration when working time gets longer.

Therefore, it is important to use the same Drawing tablet with screen that motivates your creative desire, so it is better to choose a model that illuminates beautiful pictures.

In fact, you can expect a reduction in concentration because you can encourage creativity if a beautiful picture is illuminated.

There, this product, “maximum color” 16.77 million colors can be painted, so if you are looking for a beautiful picture can be seen, this product is recommended.

Wide viewing angle

Drawing tablet with screen can be created in an environment close to analog because the illustration is reflected in the body.

Instead, because the picture is reflected on the liquid crystal screen of Drawing tablet with screen, if you do not adopt high-quality liquid crystal, it is impossible to emit beautiful colors.

By the way, this product has [wide viewing angle], there is 170 times.

If the viewing angle is actually widening, the colors look very different even if you look at the screen from different angles.

Therefore, if you want to check the picture from a distance, this product is recommended for wide viewing angle.

Function of this product

This product is not only excellent visibility, has become a powerful Drawing tablet with screen.

Since this product introduces what features are included in this product, please check this Drawing tablet with screen for details.


Digital paintings can easily be modified in colored places, but there are a few steps involved in various tasks.

For example, if you are transitioning from a pen line to a tint, you should click on the tint related tool.

However, if you are doing such a thing when you are doing other tasks, you should not be careful because you will walk away.

There, this product is equipped with a “shortcut” function, and by pressing a button mounted on the Drawing tablet with screen body, it is possible to quickly switch various tasks.


Even if the viewing angle is getting wider, like this product, if you want to get more details, you should enlarge the picture.

There, this product “trackpad” mounted on both sides of the rear, you can easily zoom in and out the picture.

You can also scroll the screen so you can create illustrations efficiently using this trackpad.

Tilt detection function

Drawing tablet with screen is equipped with a “pressure sensing function”, and can change the thickness of lines and colors according to the state of putting a special pen.

With this feature, you can freely change the thickness of your own court without changing the line and color thickness settings.

However, some people will not be able to use this function well.

Those who like this product “tilt detection function” is recommended.

This tilt detection function detects the tilt of the dedicated pen, and you can change the thickness and tint.

It does not necessarily mean that it is necessary, but it is an attractive feature for anyone who can not draw a picture with pressure sensing function alone.

Product information of this product

Drawing tablet with screen

If you understand the visibility and function of this product, we will introduce the following product information.

Required OS

If you use Drawing tablet with screen and PC together, you need to have a supported OS installed on your PC.

The OS that can support this product is Windows 7, XP (SP3), and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

If a supported OS is not installed, please install this OS.

However, be careful because it is easy to freeze after installing the OS in a space shortage.

Also, please note that some computers will install this OS.

Expensive Drawing tablet with screen

This product is available for purchase at Wacom Drawing tablet with screen at a low price of € 109,800 including tax free at Amazon (as of February 13, 2018).

In fact, Wacom Drawing tablet with screen has more than 200,000 yen in many models.

However, Chinese manufacturer Drawing tablet with screen has a lot of models that are around 50,000 yen.

Therefore, please note that this product is expensive in Wacom even at a lower price than other manufacturers.

Users reviews

This product is different from the manufacturer’s Drawing tablet with screen because there are expensive models, many people may have worried about purchasing.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, please purchase this Drawing tablet with screen, please try.

Good reviews

There were people who liked where the screen was flat in shape when trying to use this product.

If it is not actually a flat shape, you can not draw a smooth line because the special pen hangs.

Therefore, if you want to draw a smooth line, this product is worth using.

In addition, this product has high resolution, and some people were happy to see the beautiful screen.

In fact, the resolution of this product is 1600 × 1200 dots.

Bad reviews

When I turned on the power of this product, I might get hot.

I may not care about the season of cold winter, but please note that it is likely to feel difficult to use in the hot summer season.

Among those who purchased this product from Amazon, there was a thing with a scratch on the body.

This person ordered a new product, but I had a complaint because there was a scratch on the body.

Therefore, if you purchased this product as a new product, it is recommended to check for scratches at first.


This product is low cost in Wacom, but expensive liquid tab compared to other companies.

Therefore, many people may have been worried about purchasing this product.

However, inexpensive Drawing tablet with screen has excellent resolution and visibility, and is not equipped with tilt detection.

Therefore, if you want to use cost-effective Drawing tablet with screen, it is worth examining this product.