Is the attractiveness of drawing tablet with screen “XP-Pen Artist 15.6” accurate?

 XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen 15.6 Inch Battery Free Stylus Full HD Pen Pressure 8192 Level 6 Squirrel Keys Artist15.6

Drawing tablet with screen can be accustomed in a short time even those who draw an analog illustration on the pen tab adopting the liquid crystal.

Therefore, it is very popular among those who have digital illustrations.

However, even with high performance drawing tablet with screen, it is difficult to produce illustrations according to images because of its high accuracy.

That’s why we recommend the “XP-Pen Artist15.6” drawing tablet with screen.

Not only is drawing tablet with screen excellent in accuracy, but also because there are so many attractive points.

Attraction of XP-Pen Artist 15.6

This product is not only highly accurate, but also easy to check the picture, and has excellent pen sensitivity.

So for those who do not know the details of this product, please check it out because it introduces the outstanding features of this drawing tablet with screen.

Reaction rate

This product is “266RPS” because there is a special pen is increasing the reaction rate.

There are some models that are not responding well even if you touch the pen tab main body with a dedicated pen on the pen tab.

If you are using such a model, it is difficult to make an illustration as an image.

Therefore, if you use this drawing tablet with screen product, it is easier to produce the image as it is, so who care about accuracy, this product is recommended.

15.6 drawing tablet with screen

Even in drawing tablet with screen, which is very accurate, you should not be careful because if it is too small, it will be hard to see the illustrations.

If you have low vision, you may need to zoom in or out.

However, if you are doing such a thing, it is difficult to use it for work because it will take time to complete the illustration.

This product is “15.6 LCD” because it has adopted a large size, so if you do not have low vision, there is no need to enlarge or reduce the picture.

Writing pressure sensitivity

When making the illustrations, if the thickness of the border is uniform, it becomes a monotonous work, so be careful.

There, this product, “pen sensitivity” to achieve a level of 8192, a little pen only to draw a strong line, you can draw thick lines.

And if you weaken the force applied to the exclusive pen, you can make the line thinner.

If the pen sensitivity level is low, you should not be careful because the difference in the thickness of the lines does not appear even if you change the insertion state of the pen.

Therefore, if you want to show the difference in the boundary, it is worth examining this product.

Points of high convenience

This product is not only high performance, but also has many points of convenience.

Therefore, since this product is used for a long time, please refer to it because it introduces where convenience is getting higher.

Thin type

If you only use drawing tablet with screen at home, the size of the body is not so much a problem.

However, if you want to use pen tabs at home as well as at school or at work, be careful because it becomes harder to carry with drawing tablet on screen, which is a large size.

This product is a flat type, drawing tablet with screen is only 11mm thick body.

Therefore, it is easy to put a bag so not too big, so it is recommended for those who are looking for pen tabs available at home as well as schools and companies.


This product has become a high-quality drawing tablet with screen, so we do not accumulate a lot of dust.

Therefore, this product is designed to be used over a long period of time.

In fact, if the pen tab breaks, there is a high possibility that the response of the pen will be worse.

Therefore, this product can be used comfortably for a long time.

Battery-less dedicated pen

Depending on the model of the pen tab, you need to insert the battery into the dedicated pen.

Therefore, you should not be careful because it will cost you some money to continue using the pen tab.

There is no need to pay such a price because the exclusive pen of this product is “battery-less”.

Also, since charging is not necessary, there is no need to stop producing illustrations with discharged batteries.

Therefore, this product can engage in the production of concentrated illustrations.

Benefits of drawing tablet with screen

This product is sold at an affordable price, drawing tablet with screen, and can be purchased for free at Amazon for 37,998 yen (as of January 29, 2018).

However, because Conventional drawing tablet has a lot of cheaper models than Conventional drawing tablet products, I think that some people like to buy Conventional drawing tablet more than products, so I introduce the advantages of drawing tablet with screen.

Environment close to analog

This product is a higher price than Conventional drawing tablet We become, the picture is reflected on the liquid crystal screen of the pen tab body.

On the other hand, Conventional drawing tablet is a picture that is reflected on the computer screen, so the environment is different from the analog illustration.

Therefore, if drawing tablet with screen is a place where the picture is shining, it is an environment similar to an analog illustration because there is a drawing with a special pen.

If drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet are different from drawing tablet with screen, then those who did not make digital illustrations can get accustomed in a short time.

Improved accuracy

The accuracy of this product is not only the response speed of the exclusive pen, but also the characteristics of drawing tablet with screen are greatly related.

Because drawing tablet with screen is painted with a special pen where the illustration is reflected, the line is difficult to shift.

If the place is Conventional drawing tablet, even if you draw on the pen tab body, the picture is reflected on the PC’s display, so the line is easily shifted.

Therefore, if you want to use accurate pen tabs, I recommend the drawing tablet with screen side rather than the Conventional drawing tablet side.

User satisfaction

This product is excellent in accuracy drawing tablet with screen, but there are some people who are satisfied with the users and some who have complaints.

Therefore, you should not be careful because you may regret it after purchasing this product.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, please try.

Favorable reviews

There are some people who like to use this product and enjoy good color development.

Therefore, if you are using pen tabs with excellent color development, this product is worth trying.

In addition, this product has become a reasonable size, there were people who are satisfied.

In fact, if you have a big drawing tablet with screen, you can easily see the illustration, but you can feel the computer desk is narrow.

If you think about it, drawing tablet with screen is a great charm of this product has become the right size body.

However, whether it feels appropriate size depends on the person who uses it, so it is necessary to be careful.

Negative reviews

When the special pen was contacted with this product, the line might be shifted.

Actually, it is difficult to shift drawing tablet with screen rays, but it becomes easy to shift the mouse pointer when I paint a special pen.

Therefore, when using this product, if the line is shifted easily, please draw a special pen in a vertical state.

In addition, because there were people who used the Mac several times that the defects, PC OS, please note that it may cause problems depending on the OS.


Because this product is excellent in accuracy, attention is paid to the use of special pen, making it difficult to shift the line.

Therefore, it is possible to make a realistic illustration because it is also possible to draw detailed details to draw a detailed place.

Also, because drawing tablet with screen is an inexpensive model, you can buy without hesitation even those who have not purchased a large amount of drawing tablet with screen until now.