Introducing the charm of the Drawing tablet with screen 15.6 inch Artisul D16!

【ARTISUL】Artisul drawing tablet with screen 15.6 inch full HD liquid crystal Artisul D16 (SP1601) With stand

There is an ” drawing tablet with screen ” that has become very popular among professional illustrators.

Drawing tablet with screen can produce pictures directly on the LCD screen, so you can create intuitive digital illustrations.

However, the body drawing tablet with screen is too small or too small to produce illustrations, so it is difficult to be careful.

So the recommendation is ” drawing tablet with screen 15.6 inch Artisul D16″.

Since drawing tablet with screen is a reasonable size, it is easy to make illustrations, so we introduce in detail.

Models of moderate size

The display of this product has become a reasonable size, “efficiency” in the better, “delicate description” has become easier.

So, for those who want to create digital illustrations in a pleasant environment, please confirm that the display of this product is the right size.

Work efficiency

Too much display and too little display drawing tablet with screen each have advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, the display is so easy to see even those with low vision, because the desk is narrowed, it is difficult to put the equipment used for illustration.

Compared to this, drawing tablet with screen on a display that is too small has the advantage that people with low vision can see the picture well but the desk is not too narrow.

This is too big and too small, but one-size-fits, This product is 15.6 inches because it has become, it is easy to use because it is a reasonable size.

A fine description

This product, such as a moderately sized drawing tablet with screen, you can easily see the details, making it easy to describe in detail.

This is a technique required to draw the minute details of hair movements and decorations, which is a necessary skill among those who want to draw detailed and realistic pictures.

In Japan today, realistic paintings, such as photographs, are so popular that there is a possibility of being recognized as an illustrator if there is an actual painting.

Therefore, if you are looking for a detailed description of the drawing tablet with screen is a reasonable size, this product is recommended.

The charm of drawing tablet with screen 15.6 inch Artisul D16

This product is not only the size of the body, but also attractive points.

So if you want to know more about this product, please let me know what kind of charm you have.

Hot key

We think whether we can know if we have operated drawing tablet with screen or computer, but there is instruction to be able to execute when we make certain procedure when we make illustration.

If you take these steps several times, it will take longer to produce illustrations.

So this product is equipped with seven “hot keys”, you can set shortcut keys.

It is therefore possible to shorten the time required to create illustrations to simplify the work process.

High resolution

When you use drawing tablet with screen, many of you will want to make illustrations in a beautiful environment.

In fact, this product has a full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels resolution, is to achieve a beautiful environment.

If the resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels, you can have 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically.

Since 1 pixel is the same as one point, the more pixels you see, the more various colors can be seen in detail, and this product realizes a beautiful environment.

Display color

Drawing tablet with screen is not only high resolution, but also can achieve a smooth line, it is difficult to display beautiful colors.

So this product has been able to display 16 million colors.

When you can display these various colors, you will be able to create illustrations comfortably because you will be able to see beautiful pictures.

Therefore, those who use a tablet with a small number of colors can be displayed in 1677 million colors, this product is worth using.

Cost performance

If you have a model that has excellent resolution and color performance like this one, many people might be worried about “a lot of drawing tablet with screen “.

Of course, there are many high-priced models that exceed 200,000 yen.

By the way, this product can be purchased at 64,800 yen including tax free price from Japan Rakuten (as of January 3, 2018).

Y is a little higher than the price, but because it is a lower price compared to other drawing tablet with screen, who is looking for cheap drawing tablet with screen is worth examining this product.

Recommended software

Even if you purchase this product, it is difficult to make illustrations with it alone.

So it is important to use software that can produce illustrations together.

However, there are a lot of software to create illustrations, so I’m worried about what kind of software to choose.


Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018

It is Adobe’s software “Photoshop” which has become very popular with illustration and image editing software.

Since Photoshop has many functions for editing images, you can edit and edit the illustrations while you are creating them.

In particular, by creating a lot of what is called a layer function, you can also overlay color and color.

If you want to modify part of an illustration, you can easily fix it by removing the layer.


Adobe Illustrator CC  2017 edition | 12 months version | online code version

In addition to Photoshop, Adobe also has software called Illustrator.

This Illustrator pen function is equipped with anchor points (points) and reference points can be created to continue the line.

It is also possible to color the surface after completion by connecting the points.

You can also use the Direct Selection tool to show direction lines so you can control the curve of the line by modifying the direction line.

Because Illustrator is able to control the line drawing subtly, it is convenient to modify it in line drawing software made in drawing tablet with screen.

Details of product information

If you want to know more about this drawing tablet with screen, please check out the following product information.

Available OS

Drawing tablet with screen is easy to create illustrations by hand, but you can not create illustrations by choosing a PC that can support X.

Therefore, when using this product, it is necessary to install OS corresponding to this product.

And the OS that can support this product is Windows 10 · 8.1 · 8 · 7 (SP1 or later) and Mac is OS drawing tablet with screen 10.8.5 or above.

Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure that you have these OS installed on your PC and consider this product.

Body size

The size of the body of this product is 424.2 × 262 × width × height 16.5mm in height, so you have to prepare a computer desk to install this size drawing tablet with screen.

And since drawing tablet with screen is a precision instrument, if you install it on a narrow computer desk and drop drawing tablet with screen, it may be damaged.

Therefore, when installing this product, it is recommended to secure a certain amount of space.


This product has become a reasonable size, making it easier to make illustrations, depending on the person you want, the size is different.

Therefore, please note that it may not be the right size even if you use this product.

Still, compared to 27 inches and 10.1 inches drawing tablet with screen is a reasonable size, so if you are looking for an illustration to create a drawing tablet with screen is worth examining this product.