If you are learning from the beginning about illustrations, drawing tablet with screen is recommended.

If you are going to learn illustrations in the future, we recommend that you use digital devices as well.

There are various digital devices, among which drawing tablet with screen can be intuitively used by anyone, so the first person can get used to it soon.

However, depending on the functionality will vary greatly because the feeling, let’s make sure to buy it properly.

Meaning to use drawing tablet with screen

You can draw pleasantly anytime

What is the meaning of using drawing tablet with screen?

When drawing pictures or text, many people draw with pen and paper.

Of course, you can draw anytime and anywhere with these methods, but drawing tablet with screen can be used further.

For example, when drawing pictures or characters in a dark room, it is difficult to draw with only paper and a pen.

It is difficult to draw on your own image as it is bright.

Drawing tablet with screen using the backlight can be painted while clearly checking the picture even in the dark.

This ability is attractive because it is digital.

Work can be done quickly

In addition, paper and pen alone may be insufficient.

It is to put color.

When coloring a picture or a character, a color pen is necessary.

With drawing tablet with screen, you can quickly insert the color of an image into one tool.

Having plenty of color pens to carry, and considering the recovery of those pens, it is certainly possible to say that liquid tabs are better for faster work.

This convenience and convenience can be a comfortable image without actually using drawing tablet with screen.

Attraction of drawing tablet with screen

Work can be done with the pen pressure according to the image

Most of the people who hesitate to buy drawing tablet with screen are uneasy about drawing images.

Particularly, pressure is an uncomfortable part, and whether or not it can be drawn like a real pen is a matter of concern.

However, most of the drawing tablet with screen has a pressure-sensitive feature, so if you get a high-quality drawing tablet with screen, you can draw a level that is not different from the actual pen feel.

You can operate everything at hand

People who are mistaken for the same manipulation without understanding the difference between drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet tend to have many.

However, there is a clear distinction between drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet, and especially Conventional drawing tablet is designed to be able to connect to a PC and demonstrate its capabilities.

Since drawing tablet with screen can comfortably do all the work while watching the screen alone, drawing tablet with screen is advantageous without any difference.

If you are familiar with the ease of writing, you can say that drawing tablet with screen is very advantageous because it can be operated comfortably for everyone, considering the total balance.

How to use drawing tablet with screen

How to use the pen

In the use of drawing tablet with screen, the pen for drawing tablet with screen is indispensable.

You can achieve a smooth feeling because there is only this pen.

In recent years, drawing tablet with screen has a very high vaginal capacity, and you can get a feeling of realistic touch that is hard to touch.

Therefore, when using the pen, it is recommended to use the same image as the normal pen image.

But until you get used to it, you will not be able to catch the digital sense.

Over time, let’s first master the use of the pen.

You can also adjust the pressure sensitivity level of the pen and so on according to the settings.

When you get used to it, let’s set it to your own preference.

Utilize the shortcut function

Drawing tablet with screen can do fine settings like PC or tablet.

You can fine-tune it so that it is easy for you to handle. Especially, let’s use the shortcut function properly.

Many drawing tablet with screen function keys are located next to the button.

If you do not intentionally set it on the menu screen, but leave out the shortcut key, it is certain that you can work smoothly.

Once you are familiar with the task, let’s take advantage of these convenient functions as well.

Also utilize the stand

When you purchase drawing tablet with screen, most models include a stand.

This stand feels like it does not need to be seen, but it certainly makes sense to say it is useful for a long time.

The stand can be adjusted to an easy-to-draw angle.

Because drawing tablet with screen is not always in the same place, it can be carried easily, so the work space changes frequently.

When the work place changes, the working angle of drawing tablet with screen also changes.

Make sure that you can always use the pedestal so that you can respond in any place.

Recommended drawing tablet with screen 3 selection for beginners

Wacom Cintiq13HD

Wacom Cintiq13HD is the most popular drawing tablet with screen that exists.

Despite the fact that the charm of this drawing tablet with screen can be purchased at a relatively low price, delicate illustrations also have the ability to draw properly.

The screen size is slightly smaller than A4 size, but when you are aware of mobile, you may feel it is a good size.

In addition, the ability to read and express the thickness and density of the line when tilting the pen is a function that can be understood by experienced people as well as beginners.

People who buy drawing tablet with screen for the first time may also feel the best drawing tablet with screen.


The GT-190 of HUION is gaining popularity as an drawing tablet with screen that can be bought at an unprecedented price.

If you are considering the price for the first time to purchase it is definitely recommended.

But not only is it cheaper, but the pressure level can not be lowered to 2048, but rather the height of the level.

Since the pen can feel just right without heavy weight, ease of handling is also excellent.

However, since the panel is a TFT, it looks different from the actual color if you look at the angle shift.

If you look at it clearly, it is not a problem at all, but if you are concerned, avoid purchasing.

However, at a very cheap price, you can get the high-end features of this much appeal is certainly not seen in other drawing tablet’s with screen.


XP-PenArtist10s may feel smaller than normal drawing tablet with screen screen.

However, for beginners, this screen size just makes me feel good size.

Making full-fledged illustrations may be a bit lacking in specs, but for those who want to learn drawing tablet with screen in the future, it is just the ability to come.

The XP-PenArtist10s is sure to be satisfying because you can get it at a reasonable price.


Drawing tablet with screen is an indispensable item if you start a full-fledged digital illustration.

You can also use it as a mobile device, so you can instantly draw illustrations anywhere, anytime.

However, in order to properly handle the functions of drawing tablet with screen, it is important to understand from the beginning.

Buy drawing tablet with screen that suits you and let’s study from the basics properly.