Drawing tablet with screen is the best tool for digital! Attention to convenience over analogue!

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The main tools for drawing pictures on a PC are the mouse and the Conventional Drawing tablet.

Mouse is mostly useful for drawing dot paintings, but it is difficult to draw lines as you like.

Conventional Drawing tablet also has a handy tool, but it can draw like an analogue and a little work remains.

It is Drawing tablet with screen that solves such a problem.

With the introduction of Drawing tablet with screen, you can get more benefits than just drawing the lines.

Mouse is not for fine operations in the first place

A mouse is a typical tool of a PC input device.

With just a mouse and keyboard, you can do almost anything, so you can draw.

However, the mouse does not feel like a pen at all.

The original PC has been made so that there is no need to rigorously work fine.

The icon to launch the program is rather large, and the buttons are often not installed in mm.

There is no input device that requires millisecond operation.

When drawing a picture, the error of this millimeter is a very important factor.

For example, when you draw a character’s picture, a slight deviation of the ridge of the face will cause a sense of incongruity.

In particular, a person must be drawn in a soft line, which is unnatural, so something different from what you draw in your head is born.

That’s why the pen tablet is called Conventional Drawing tablet.

Drawing with a pen device on a sheet-fed device is a breakthrough tool that enables subtle adjustments.

Convenience of Conventional Drawing tablet

If Conventional Drawing tablet is drawing on a device that is much easier to draw than a mouse, it might be better to introduce a tab first.

There is a similar analog taste for holding the pen and typing, and there are various sizes.

As a device for drawing pictures, Conventional Drawing tablet became popular quickly.

Problems of the Conventional Drawing tablet

Conventional Drawing tablet can draw pictures more comfortable than the mouse, but it is only “more comfortable than the mouse” is the only thing.

It is also very easy to actually run the pen in analog environment, and there is a limit to Conventional Drawing tablet.

For example, if Conventional Drawing tablet, the relationship with the monitor is very important.

If the Conventional Drawing tablet drawing area matches the actual area of the monitor, it is an analog-like environment, but Conventional Drawing tablet and the monitor can not be the same size.

If the drawing area display area is different, it works by modifying it.

Consider the case where the width of the monitor is 100 and the width of Conventional Drawing tablet is 50 and the drawing area is displayed on the full screen of the monitor.

At this time, when you draw a line from Y to 1, two lines of distance are drawn on the monitor.

If you draw 10 lines, it will be displayed as 20 lines.

In other words, there will be a difference in the display area of the drawing area twice.

A phenomenon that can not happen with analog

When we hold the pen and draw the line on the actual paper, the line of 1cm is drawn as 1cm line.

However, depending on the combination with the monitor, the 1cm line may be 2cm or 2.5cm.

It is Conventional Drawing tablet problem to create a different environment similar to reality.

It is also a unique problem that “the place where it appears” is different.

If it is an input device for a task such as a mouse, it will not be a problem, but it can not be overlooked when doing delicate work of drawing a picture.

For analog, it is possible to draw a line by drawing a line, but Conventional Drawing tablet can work in front of the monitor in a special positional relationship called a null tab.

In this way, Conventional Drawing tablet is nothing more than an imitation of analogue, and it is nothing more than a tool to draw a picture rather than a mouse.

If you draw a picture properly, you also want to have a better environment.

And it is Drawing tablet with screen that gives such a demand.

Drawing tablet with screen in the same way as analog drawing

Drawing tablet with screen is a device that solves all of Conventional Drawing tablet problems.

The above-described “difference in the drawing area display area” has already been solved.

Drawing tablet with screen has a drawing area display area.

In other words, you might say Drawing tablet with screen with a monitor of the same size in Conventional Drawing tablet.

Since it is a form to draw directly on the monitor, 1cm line does not necessarily deviate 1cm line.

In the earliest time, I can say that the environment is better than Conventional Drawing tablet drawing.

In addition, because the input device and the monitor are not separated, you can draw while looking at the drawing is realized in the analog environment of course.

The best Drawing tablet with screen is “mimic the first” is also “excellent tool grip than the mouse” is not.

It is a tool that digitizes the analog environment properly.

Advantages of no shift

The person who has drawn a picture with Conventional Drawing tablet so far may be a bit embarrassed.

This is because if you draw in different environments with different drawing area and different size, it will be able to draw with the same taste as analog.

It will be the best tool for those who can only draw analogue, and those who have drawn analogue pictures so far.

The fact that there is no difference between Conventional Drawing tablet and Conventional Drawing tablet is that the technology developed in the analog environment can be used as it is.

The sense that I have drawn so far can be used in the digital environment as it is.

When switching from analog to digital, Drawing tablet with screen is a recommended device.

Also, if you are familiar with Drawing tablet with screen so far, you may be working faster.

Even if you are accustomed to the environment that is out of line, it is the result of adapting yourself to Conventional Drawing tablet environment and you can modify it there.

You may be surprised at the surprisingly pleasant operability.

Environment beyond analog

Drawing tablet with screen is a digital device, not an analog device.

It shows that you can make the most of the benefits of digital technology.

So far I have seen Drawing tablet with screen as an imitation tool of the analog environment, but it may be better to have crossed analogue.

For example, depending on your software, you can zoom in and out of the display area on the spot.

This will allow you to make very minor changes and draw fine pictures.

This enlargement and reduction is a familiar function for those who draw, but it is also a highly convenient feature.

Leverage full use of digital technology

In the analog environment, you can magnify the line by using the magnifying glass, but in this case, finger manipulation must be performed delicately.

However, in the case of Drawing tablet with screen, the enlargement with the magnifying glass results in the whole drawing area, so you can do fine work in the same sense as usual.

To realize this in an analog environment, you will need a medical high precision robot arm, and of course it is not realistic.

In addition, you can paint your jokes like your favorite color, depending on the type of pen, you can express from watercolor to oil painting.

Moreover, with the “cancel” feature, you will be able to re-draw the line several times because the operation will go back one hand.

Also, if you draw a picture by dividing it into layers (layers), the later modification or modification is not as easy as the analog ratio.


Drawing tablet with screen is the tool to use this convenient digital technology.

It is an environment that draws pictures and is convenient enough to not compare with a mouse, and honestly listens to the desire to make a picture without discomfort such as Conventional Drawing tablet.

So far to fit the analog environment, as well as people who use Conventional Drawing tablet is also recommended.