Details of “XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen Artist 15.6”

Details of “XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen Artist 15.6”

At the “Anime Expo” in Los Angeles, the artist 15.6 drawing tablet with screen, screen tablet, also provided by XP-PEN, was exhibited and this model is a masterpiece.

Even though it is very thin, the quality of the display is high so you can freely write on the screen.

About drawing tablet with screen I have collected more people and features for more detailed features and use.

About appearance and features of the aircraft

Products with XP-PEN drawing tablet with screen include a monochrome single color scheme and a simple design as a whole.

Artist 15.6 was designed with the same characteristics and succeeded in collecting up to 11mm thick.

Because it uses high quality glass with high hardness and precision, it uses dirt resistant material such as dust as well as pen pressure because it is used for display.

Since the resolution of drawing tablet with screen itself is designed to be wide by 1920 × 1080, we are preparing an environment that can create large works with delicate lines.

In addition, since a chip having high processing capability suitable for graphics is included, line lag is hard to occur.

A big feature of the pen actually used

Even the pen required for aircraft has the ability to detect pen pressure at 8192 levels.

For this reason, we take advantage of the fact that we can freely use it as a pen tip or brush to express more conveniently.

It can also more accurately reflect the thickness of the small line in your hand.

The ability to express thin lines is an indispensable feature in many graphics applications where delicate work is often done, resulting in higher performance.

Also included in drawing tablet with screen is a tool that facilitates the exchange of pen nibs designed in this pen stand, it is convenient and compact, eliminating small time loss since you need to take out the parts by hand.

Characteristics seen from the point of performance

First, the brightness control buttons are located at convenient locations such as drawing tablet with screen.

You can adjust the color and brightness according to your working or viewing environment.

Therefore, the screen can be matched to the usage place or purpose, so you can freely use the screen for various purposes such as illustration, sketch, editing work.

The following applies to Windows and Mac, and corresponds to the main picture software.

With this feature, everything from setup to work is completed in a short amount of time without affecting the environment.

Finally, there are eight keys that you can customize.

By using this function, one function such as save or copy can be registered to further improve work efficiency.

What kind of person is suitable tool

It is recommended for professional designers who use illustrations based on illustrations, as there are no batteries or charging required when using the pen in drawing tablet with screen resolution and adaptive environments.

It is a thin fuselage so that you can do design work regardless of drawing tablet with screen position, so it is a recommended point for people who want to introduce drawing tablet with screen.

Because the hardness of the screen is high, it is a big point to carry and strong even if you use a long time to write high pressure.

The pen pressure and resolution are also very high for those who frequently process high resolution image data.


For artist 15.6, one large size and one small size have been developed and the size of the drawing tablet with screen can be selected in the current environment.

Features that are well suited for image data creators, especially illustrators and designers, are installed.

It has excellent writing pressure and sensitivity and high accuracy of full screen resolution, which greatly improves the quality of workpieces and documents, resulting in more than enough performance.

Details of “HUION drawing tablet with screen GT-221PRO IPS liquid crystal”

Size of size and good resolution and good impeccable display

I want to solve the size problem before I can use drawing tablet with screen in illustration production.

Regardless of the practice, it is advisable to use a display of a size suitable for actual production.

It is natural to find a display that shows clearly the illustrations I have drawn.

The display resolution of this product is Full HD 1920 x 1080 with clear and detailed display.

Also, to understand the finish of the painting, you need a vivid color representation.

72% NTSC wide color gamut and display capability of 16.7 million colors.

Screen Size Approximately 21 inches large screen, this feature only uses drawing tablet with screen, so it is recommended for beginners and skilled veterans.

Screen with perfect score for drawing

With the anti-glare glass, the Huion GT-221 is a pro-pen display so you can feel the comfort of drawing on paper.

This is a good feature for those new to digital.

In addition, consistent display of images is possible at any angle of 178 ° by the IPS panel.

Installing this feature makes this product very easy to use.

Pen pressure sensitivity can also be drawn in 8192 steps from delicate lines to extreme lines from your favorite line.

When you draw on paper, you can check the finished color tone and overall finish, so please use it comfortably.

This is grateful compatibility

Of course, using drawing tablet with screen requires a personal computer.

However, this computer is notable for recent evolution of OS, and new products will become outdated too soon.

Windows users in particular have many problems.

Thankfully, the Windows compatibility of this product is up to 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.

There are still a lot of people who love 7. This compatibility is very useful right now.

If you buy a PC at the same time as drawing tablet with screen, I would like to avoid it economically if possible.

Mac users are also compatible with OS drawing tablet with screen 10.11.0, so you can use them with confidence.

It is compatible with all major software, so you can use it with confidence.

Bundled items also have excellent products

This product comes with a digital pen and stand.

The digital pen comes with a long-lasting battery with the PE 330 and a durable tip that is durable.

Because it is easy to use, even beginners drawing tablet with screen can use immediately.

Of course, you can use it with a pen, but make the most of it because you can make it more comfortable with this pen.

It is about the stand, but this is also supported here because it is made of sturdy drawing tablet with screen 8kg weight.

It can be adjusted in the range of 20 ° ~ 80 ° by simple operation, so it can be manufactured to the desired height.

The type of drawing tablet with screen is now really big.

It is important to choose based on your budget and where you use it.

However, it is drawing tablet with screen that maximizes the user’s illustration creation and displays it on the screen.

Regardless of size or resolution, I would like to select something with good performance.