Details of “GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD 1560 15.6 inch IPS HD”

Details of “GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD 1560 15.6 inch IPS HD”

“GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD 1560 15.6 inch IPS HD” is the GAOMON drawing tablet with screen in China.

It is attractive with good size and performance that can be transported with sophisticated design, good operability that can be adjusted to your taste.

It’s high-performance, but cost-effective, and is good for drawing tablet with screen beginners.

Moderate size and easy-to-see display

The PD 1560 is 15.6 inches (452.4 x 252 x 19.5 mm) with a stylish design drawing tablet with screen.

It is not too big, weighs about 2kg, and it’s right to go.

A carrying pouch is also included.

In addition to the high resolution of the 5080 LPI, it looks beautiful from an oblique view without changing its shape due to the IPS liquid crystal.

The screen resolution of full HD screen is 16: 9.

The viewing angle is 178 degrees, and the viewing angle does not change much.

Since the protective film is attached to the display section from the beginning, there is no need to purchase it separately.

Customizable according to your preference with shortcut keys

The PD 1560 has 10 hot keys and 5 menu keys.

You can customize your shortcuts to your liking, shortening work time and increasing efficiency.

Angle adjustable stand

The PD 1560 exclusive stand is included.

You can adjust the desired angle by adjusting the angle of the hard stand.

The pen has the highest level of pen pressure 8192 level

The pen of the PD 1560 has a pen pressure of 8192 levels.

The pressure sensitivity represents the sensitivity of the reading ability, and the higher the numerical value, the more detailed representation of the writing strength can be expressed.

The 8192 level has the highest level of pressure sensitivity at the moment and can create smooth, natural lines.

Because it is a rechargeable pen, you need to charge it by connecting it to the included USB cable.

It is useful if you have two shortcut keys on the side of the pen.

The pen holder is integrated with the core and has eight replacement wicks inside.

Almost corresponded to major painting software

The PD 1560 is compatible with Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 and Mac OS 10.11.0 or later.

PS, SAI, Illustrator, SketchBook Pro, Zbrush, Clip Studio Paint, and MediBang Paint Pro.

Firmly supported even with overseas manufacturers

Overseas drawing tablet with screen often asks problems such as malfunctions and problems that are not well understood.

The PD 1560 is a Chinese-made drawing tablet with screen, but the description is in Japanese and has a one-year warranty.

I am happy to contact you by email when you speak Japanese.

Recommended for beginners at low cost though it is high performance

The price of the PD 1560 is about 40,000 yen and you can buy it very cheaply from drawing tablet with screen.

It has a fairly high price-to-price ratio and is very cost-effective.

We recommend good operability even for beginners.


As described above, “GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD 1560 15.6 inches IPS HD” is good.

  • Moderate size and easy-to-see display
  • Adjust according to your preference with shortcut keys or special stand
  • Writing pressure of 8192 level pen is also good
  • Almost corresponded to major painting software

It is high performance, but it is Cospa which can be purchased for approximately 40,000 yen, height, support system is solid, and it is drawing tablet with screen which is recommended for beginner.

Details of “HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT-191 IPS liquid crystal full HD” details

The HUION drawing tablet with screen Kamvas GT-191 features everything from a beginner to a veteran.

It has large screen, excellent color, ease of use and convenience of PC OS.

The enclosed service item is also a pleasant place where delicious service called drawing tablet with screen essential item is provided.

I am pleased that it has excellent compatibility

Drawing tablet with screen connects to your personal computer.

The problem is whether you can work with your computer.

In fact, people who use Windows 7 are also safe from this product.

How to use Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 as well as Mac OS drawing tablet with screen 10.11.0 can work.

If you need to replace your computer If you are a customer who does not want to buy drawing tablet with screen, this means that you can work with familiar computers.

It is also secure because it is compatible with all major software.

If we can work with the familiar personal computers we have, we will develop further.

Wide screen and beautiful colors

A large 16: 9 aspect ratio LCD and a 19.5 inch IPS LCD are displayed on the screen.

Because it is widescreen, it is easier to identify the image to make a bigger picture.

We recommend this size screen for those who worry that it is difficult to understand the picture on a small screen.

In addition, IPS liquid crystal is installed, and it can display consistent image without time difference.

This is a screen with better transparency because of its higher resolution and color accuracy.

You can draw a displayable color of 16.7 million colors for the color of interest.

We perform essential performance in illustration production with color.

In addition, the contrast ratio is 3000: 1, which means that it is actually ideal.

There are other useful functions and services

When drawing, you should draw a little diagonal rather than flatbed.

The base of this product can be adjusted from 20 ° to 80 ° with simple operation.

In this case, you can also create the desired angle.

Because the pedestal is also solid, the figure is firmly supported by the hand.

The pen holder can place the pen vertically or horizontally, and removes the cap to remove the pen core.

It is very useful when you take a short breath.

In addition, several service items are bundled.

One is screen protective film.

I sincerely appreciate this.

Anyway, it is safe to use exclusive protective film because it is screen to avoid getting dirty.

It is serious that the markings such as color are dirty and do not come out properly.

In addition, this protective film reproduces the feel of drawing on paper.

I especially appreciate people switching from analog production.

However, if the movie has not been successfully delivered to people, it will arrive in an old state and can be used as it is.

Finally, the package includes pen and pen nibs that are essential for creating illustrations.

This Pen PE 330 has built-in battery that can be used for a long time.

In addition, the pen tip is durable and can be used for a long time.

It is easy to use and can be applied quickly.