Convenience is high for the Drawing tablet with screen “Wacom Cintiq 12 WX”?

Drawing tablet with screen has become very popular among people who make digital illustrations from drawing in an environment close to analog.

So, if you are thinking about making digital illustrations in the future, there may be people who want to buy liquid tabs.

At that time, many people may want to pay attention to the function of Drawing tablet with screen, but it is difficult to work because it is very convenient.

There are some models that have both convenience and functionality, such as “Wacom Cintiq12WX” in Drawing tablet with screen, so let me introduce in detail.

Convenience of Wacom Cintiq 12WX

This product is designed to respond to various situations, making it easier for many people to use.

So, for those who are thinking about buying Drawing tablet with screen now, please check that this product introduces the convenience of this product.

Compact size

There are Drawing tablet with screen that adopts liquid crystal and Conventional Drawing tablet which does not mount liquid crystal in the pen tap.

Unlike Conventional Drawing tablet, the picture is reflected on the LCD screen.

Therefore, it is easy to check the illustration on the Drawing tablet with screen side which is a large size, so many people may want to buy a large size Drawing tablet with screen.

However, a large computer desk is required to install a large-sized Drawing tablet with screen.

In fact, this product is 12.1 inches Drawing tablet with screen, so it has become a compact body size.

Therefore, even if the computer desk is small, this product is easy to install.

Adjust angle

Drawing tablet with screen can produce illustrations while viewing the Drawing tablet with screen on the LCD screen of the body.

This is a situation close to analog in the environment, so those who have never used the pen tab so far, you can get used to in a short time.

However, since Drawing tablet with screen will be installed on the computer desk, it will become lower than PC.

If you try to see the Drawing tablet with screen in such a low position, you’ll have to lean your head, so I will not put a big burden on your shoulders and neck.

This product can reduce the burden on the shoulder and neck because it can adjust the angle.

function key

If you continue to do the same work at the time of producing digital illustrations, you will not have to work hard, but you should not take any steps if you want to move on to other work.

Therefore, if you take several steps each time you perform various tasks, it becomes harder to make illustrations efficiently.

There, this product is equipped with a “function key”, so you can set shortcut keys, you can perform a variety of tasks with one touch.

Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient Drawing tablet with screen to illustrate this product is recommended.

Function of this product

This product has two notable features, it is “pressure detection” and “slope detection” is.

These two functions are all important features for creating digital illustrations, so let’s introduce them in detail.

Writing pressure function

Until now, I was using “mouse” when I made digital illustrations.

It is becoming difficult to draw a smooth line on the mouse in place It was putting effort just to change the thickness of line and color on it.

Compared to this, the ‘pressure sensing function’ of the pen tap can easily change the line and color thickness depending on the state of the force applied to the special pen.

And since this product has 1024 levels of pressure detection, the width of the lines and colors is getting wider.

Tilt detection function

Conventional Drawing tablet can draw a smooth line compared to the mouse.

If you try to use Conventional Drawing tablet, there is a difference in line.

There are many reasons for this difference in line, but one of them is “exclusive pen tilt”.

In fact, if you are using the lower model Drawing tablet with screen, if you try to drag the line while the pen is tilted, you may get a gap.

However, this product, “tilt detection function,” because it is equipped with, it has become more difficult to line gap.

Details of this product

We have introduced the charm of this product, there are people who are worried about buying this product.

So, I will introduce the product information of this product.

1677 million colors

If you do not shine a beautiful picture when you use Drawing tablet with screen, it will be difficult to motivate your creativity.

There, this product is “1677 million colors” so that it is possible to output, is to be able to emit beautiful pictures.

Therefore, if you are using this product, you can focus on making illustrations.

However, since the liquid crystal display of this product is getting smaller, it is hard to see the illustration when the sight is low, so please take advantage of the enlargement and reduction function of the program making the design.

Viewing angle

Appliances that are equipped with liquid crystal are made with precision equipment, but there are things that look different from different angles.

If you want to avoid this situation, it is important to purchase household appliances that have a wide “viewing angle”.

Because, if the viewing angle is widening, the color does not change much from the other angle.

And the viewing angle of this product is 170 degrees, so it is easy to use because it does not change color even when viewed from different angles.

Cost performance

This product is a lot of attractive points Drawing tablet with screen, but it has become a compact size, is sold at a reasonable price.

In fact Amazon is sold at a tax-inclusive price of ¥ 38,700 (as of February 9, 2018).

A lot of places where Drawing tablet with screen is around 200,000 yen are sold some, and it becomes to be more than 300,000 yen when it becomes expensive model.

Therefore, even those who are looking for affordable Drawing tablet with screen is recommended.

User satisfaction

This product has a lot of attractive points Drawing tablet with screen, but some users may be surprisingly dissatisfied.

Therefore, if you purchase products without knowing anything, you may regret it.

Favorable reviews

Among those who are using this product, I sometimes liked the place which is suitable size.

In fact, the size preference of Drawing tablet with screen is different because it depends on the user, but it is an attractive point that is easy to install on a computer desk.

In fact, if you install a compact Drawing tablet with screen, it is easy to create space for drawing related materials, so you can create illustrations efficiently.

And there were some who liked the place which is low price for performance.

Negative reviews

This product has a higher level of pressure sensing function, but pressure sensing did not work during use.

Therefore, you may need to be careful because it may not be able to produce illustrations smoothly.

There may be some dust inside the other products, there was a person who worried about the trash.

Therefore, when using this product, please be careful not to get dirt and waste.


Although this product has 1024 pressure sensing function, in fact, among the Drawing tablet with screen of the top model, 2048 level is sold much.

However, those who are satisfied at the level of 1024, so if you want to focus on price rather than performance, this product is worth purchasing.

This product is also recommended for those who are making illustrations at work because it is also possible to make illustrations in a short time because it is increasing convenience.