Basic usage of drawing tablet with screen

Basic usage of drawing tablet with screen

Drawing tablet with screen is one of the items useful for drawing photos in digital format.

If you have a digital drawing, you can use a drawing tablet, but the drawing tablet is a bit difficult to use because it has a separate pen and screen area.

However, since the Paintbrush with screens is integrated with each other, even beginners can feel like they are drawing on paper.

So, I will explain the basic usage of Drawing tablet with screen in detail.

Use drawing tablet with screen as multi monitor

Drawing tablet with screen can not be used alone by default.

Many products are designed to connect to your computer.

In other words, drawing tablet with screen is the same as using another monitor.

If you install a personal computer monitor and configure it in a multi-monitor environment, the new monitor will not display anything if it is not properly connected.

In this case, you can also use drawing tablet with screen to connect.

Therefore, with the use of drawing tablet with screen, it is common to display the whole picture on the PC monitor, reflect the part in drawing tablet with screen, and perform more detailed operations.

Drawing tablet with screen is a very convenient item to keep fine work going smoothly.

However, there are many types of drawing tablet with screen, some of which do not need to be connected to a personal computer.

In this case, it’s movable so you can start working from anywhere without pinning it.

However, be careful when making purchases because these products are expensive and sometimes less standard than standard drawing tablet with screen.

Installing the driver

Although not limited to drawing tablet with screen, the first time you use the accessory equipment, you will need to install the driver in most cases.

If you install the driver on your PC, you can use it normally.

In case of drawing tablet with screen, please install driver first.

Anyone can easily install it using the included CD-ROM.

As a flow, first install the driver from the CD-ROM to your PC, then set up drawing tablet with screen.

You can use drawing tablet with screen at any time.

Let’s uninstall previous driver

If you are new to drawing tablet with screen, there is no problem installing the driver as usual.

However, if you previously purchased a new item separately using drawing tablet with screen, there is something you need to do before installing it.

It is to remove the old drawing tablet with screen driver firmly.

This is what you need to avoid the problem.

If you have multiple drivers on your PC, the drivers may crash and may not work properly.

Therefore, if you are installing a new driver, you must remove the old driver.

If you have one driver for your personal computer, you do not have to worry about the problem.

Points to remember when connecting to a personal computer

Although drawing tablet can be connected basically if there is a USB cable, when drawing tablet with screen is connected, use HDMI or DVI.

There are many HDMI, but input terminals vary from product to product, so please check first about how to connect.

Also, even if you bought a drawing tablet with screen, connection terminals of the personal computer may not be compatible, but in such cases it is recommended to use the conversion adapter.

If you use a conversion adapter, even if there is no HDMI terminal on the personal computer side, you can connect without problems.

However, if the conversion adapter does not match the personal computer, the trouble will still occur, so please make sure that the product is compatible before using it.

Also note the number of PC connection terminals.

To build the multi-monitor environment as described above, at least two terminals are required to connect the main monitor and drawing tablet with screen.

If there is only one connecting terminal, let’s use drawing tablet with screen as the main monitor.

How to use the pen

You can draw the drawing tablet with screen pen by holding it like a normal pen, touching the panel and moving it.

However, you do not need to touch the pointer if you move the pointer.

Drawing tablet with screen works a little distance away from the screen, so you can move the pointer on the screen by moving the floating pen.

In addition, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the pen touch on the control panel of the PC.

If you change this setting, you can get closer to the feel when drawing on paper.

Sensitivity is the easiest to use and will work.

Also pay attention to the side switch attached to the side of the pen.

During the purchase, the side switch is set to the same role as the right click of the PC, but you can freely change roles using the control panel.

Double-click to set the role of various shortcut keys and use them conveniently.

If you use this side switch well, you can work more smoothly.

Let’s exchange a pen tip

You will scratch the pen tip of drawing tablet with screen while using it for a long time.

Therefore, replace the pen tip with a consumable item and replace it if performance is poor.

Replacing the nib is very simple. You can remove the deterioration and install a new core.

Even if it is used as it is, it may not operate normally. Check the condition of the pen tip from time to time and use it firmly.

It is also important to handle it carefully so that it does not deteriorate the pen tip as much as possible.

After use, please keep in the designated place and do not place in the proper place.

Careful handling can slow down your fatigue.

Let’s use the stand

Most of the large drawing tablet with screen comes with a dedicated stand.

It is recommended that you use a desk when working at a desk.

If you have a big drawing tablet with screen, you may feel uncomfortable because it takes up too much space.

Especially if your workspace is not that wide, I want to use it as small as possible.

If you have a stand at that time, you can easily set drawing tablet with screen to fit in a small space.

You can also change the angle of the pedestal, making it easier to adjust if you want to make it easier to use.

However, there is a drawback that the stand tilts with pen pressure and arm tires.

If it is difficult to use, do not use it forcibly.

Switch mapping screen

Draw tablet with screen is basically drawn on one screen, but you can also manipulate other monitors in draw tablet with screen if you use the mapping switching function well.

For example, when you switch from draw tablet with screen to the full desktop, only the pointer to draw tablet with screen is displayed on the desktop monitor.

In a multi-monitor environment with multiple monitors, you can switch freely to any monitor, making it easier to work with.

With this feature, you can set the role on the pen’s side switch for easy use simply by pressing a button.