Attention here! What should I be aware of when carrying drawing tablet with screen?

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Drawing tablet with screen also has a standalone drawing tablet with screen that can be used alone.

With such drawing tablet with screen, even on the go, you will be able to hit the violin with it in the least free time.

So, you can divide it out.

But remember a few things when you remember drawing tablet with screen.

Here is a note on how to get drawing tablet with screen out.

Try to carry it vertically

It is recommended to carry drawing tablet with screen vertically.

The risk of injuring the LCD or breaking the LCD occurs as much as it is leveling or keeping it level with respect to the ground.

Because heavy objects increase the likelihood that it will come upon it when you keep it in that direction.

The fact that heavy objects are approaching means that LCDs can be burdened.

As a result, the risk of breaking increases.

Even drawing tablet with screen liquid crystal is multi-function liquid crystal.

Precisely LCD is not multifunctional, but it is better not to think it is just liquid crystal.

Therefore, you should not feel burdened as much as possible.

To avoid the slightest burden, the drawing with the screen should be done vertically.

Even though there is much shock in the bag

First, when drawing tablet with screen is inserted into the bag, the impact increases.

Basically, it is inevitable that if something in the bag is shaken, the impact will increase.

So what happens if there are multiple things in drawing tablet with screen as the impact grows?

The risk factor will be higher and higher.

From this point of view, you should carry the dx vertically when you carry it.

As much as possible fix it

When carrying the drawing tablet with screen
, it is best to keep it as vertical as possible.

Even if it is fixed, it is not necessary to secure it separately.

Instead, for example, it is best not to shake as much as possible with a towel in the crevice.

Shaking can be a shock, so try to stop it a bit.

Do not put drinks in your bag

It is also important not to put drinks in your bag when you put drawing tablet with screen in your bag.

Putting drinks in your bag and putting dx in your bag is dangerous.

There are some kinds of risks, and there are two risks.

Water droplets stick to the liquid crystal

First, there is a risk that water droplets adhere to the liquid crystal.

The liquid crystal is basically very weak to moisture.

So, of course, not only drawing tablet with screen, even if it is a computer screen or an LCD TV, there is nothing to wipe with water.

It is vulnerable to water.

Therefore, when you put the beverage and liquid tab into the bag, water droplets may stick to the liquid crystal of drawing tablet with screen.

Drinking can cause condensation.

For example, suppose you bought a plastic bottle with a vending machine in the summer and put it in your bag.

Condensation soon begins.

If condensation occurs then it is not a mystery, even if the droplet speaks about liquid crystals.

There is also a way to wrap PET bottles in a towel so that they do not stick to drawing tablet with screen even if there is condensation.

However, there are still things to unwind while the towel is clapping, which can cause water droplets to come off.

If possible, do not place them in the same place.

There is also a risk that it spills simply

Another risk is simple.

If you put a drink in your bag, there is a risk of spilling the contents.

In fact, there are many people who have poured drinks into their bags.

So, sometimes we pour drinks into our bags. Therefore, there is a possibility that drinks may spill even if there is drawing tablet with screen inside.

If the beverage spills inward, drawing tablet with screen will definitely break.

It does not mean that liquid crystal gets dirty with water droplets. No longer sticks.

The risk of doing so should be zero.

Therefore, it is better to drink drawing tablet with screen in the same bag.

Be careful not to lose the pen

Be careful not to lose your pen when you take out the tablet with the screen.

Nevertheless, you can do it well without saying it every time.

However, even if I think so, it is the drawing tablet with screen pen I lose.

If you lose it, you should try not to lose it first.

But the pen is still easy to lose shape.

So I have to devise some ideas.

Store it separately in a place with a zip

In order not to lose the drawing tablet with screen pen, It is recommended to keep it separately in a zippered place.

There is a small storage pocket with a zipper on the bag and plenty of storage space.

If so, be sure to keep it there if you have a separate doorway.

Even if it is a pen, there is something lost while you do not know if you put it in the big mouth of the bag.

For example, it is easy to get in between books. You may inadvertently get into a plastic bag and discard your bag without knowing it.

Many things happen in many places and there is danger.

To prevent this, the drawing tablet with screen pen should be stored in another small pocket.

Use a somewhat small bag

When carrying the drawing tablet with screen, it is better to use a rather small bag.

I think I can put a big bag in many ways. I think it can be carried more safely, but big bags are not recommended.

This is because using a large bag increases the wiggle width.

The fact that the swing width increases means that the shock of the shake will be strong.

As a result, problems will arise.

There is nothing more to do to prevent it, but please remove the play from the bag as much as possible.

It is better to use a rather small bag to get rid of the play in the bag.

Be careful not to be too small

It is not good if it is too small.

If it is too small, you will need to draw a picture on the drawing tablet on the screen unless you enter it by force.

If more load can be applied in this state, the possibility of breakage is very high.

Do not be too small.


It is important to carry as little risk as possible when drawing tablet with screen is removed.

Basically, drawing tablet with screen is very expensive, so if it breaks easily, it will be complicated.

But if you bring it out without thinking about it, it will break with it.

So please do not do this and refer to it.