4 popular protection films that can be used with tablets with popular drawing tablet with screen and drawing tablet with screen usage

If you are using drawing tablet with screen, the fingerprints that make you nervous, and the easiness to feel easy to contact the pen.

It is evolving protective sheet or film that protects the possibility of dramatically changing it and is now a popular drawing tablet with screen or drawing tablet with screen -use tablet protective film.

This time, I would like to introduce four kinds of perfect protective sheet film which are especially drawn.

Cintiq 13 HD Paper like

Elecom Wacom pen tablet Cintiq 13 HD/HD Touch/Cintiq Companion2 Film paper-like anti-reflection prevention 13.3 inches [made in Japan] TB-WC13FLAPL

Elecom is sold at 13.3 inches Cintiq 13 HD protective film only.

The feature is a protective sheet, not a smooth touch, but a sheet with a sense of solidity that is specific to drawing.

This makes it much easier to feel like a pencil on a piece of paper.

In addition, even if the air enters, we have been working out so that you can come out bubbles over time with confidence.

Do not fail to attach the sheet.

In addition, fingerprints are difficult to have, and it is also a good protection sheet to be dirty with fingerprints.

The price is 1,767 yen.

Drawing tablet with screen It is a popular protective sheet to be selected as best seller among related products.

Review rating

In the review evaluation, there was a lot of evaluation that it was easy and convenient to draw a solid sheet texture.

Sheets only liquid tab, I was happy to be able to move the pen smoothly with a feeling.

Negative feedback is a prerequisite sheet to use as a pen to draw completely, so the operability is not good with your fingers.

Easier to scratch the pen because it is more robust, especially those who have strong pressure, it was also known that the frequency of replacing the pen will rise.

Some people feel better, some people feel uncomfortable and not comfortable.

However, it seemed to be a recommendation to those who would like to reproduce the feeling of drawing with a pencil on paper in drawing tablet with screen, and it was said that it was excellent in the review.

LCD protection protector OHDTK1300

OverLay Plus for Cintiq 13HD Low Reflection Antiglare Non Glare Non Gloss Protective Sheet Film Protector OHDTK1300

This is a protective sheet for Cintiq 13HD sold by Miyabix.

Drawing tablet with screen is a non-reflective glare specification that is pleasing to use, and the screen has a very comfortable protective sheet.

Ideal when working outdoors or near a window, you can clearly see the screen without reflecting the sun.

It also features a self-sticking protective sheet that can be attached without any stress when attached.

There is also a protective sheet that can be drawn even harder with a pen with a scratch.

The price is 2,036 yen.

On the mail order site, it is possible to purchase in drawing tablet with screen and set.

Review rating

It is well known that the smooth line is attracted to the review evaluation, and the sound that purchase was good was quite popular.

There is no gloss, it is evaluated not to reflect the light regardless of the indoor or outdoor, there was a feeling that it is glad to be able to draw a picture in every place.

However, negative comments also said that if you put a protective sheet, the lines look cloudy.

It seems that there is a sheet with a slight dissatisfaction to the person who wants to see clearly and the line properly.

But other than that, it is generally favorable, and self-absorption is very glad even when it is pasted, and it can be praised to put on beautifully It is surely a protection sheet that can recommend to purchase with drawing tablet with screen if it is beginner.

Nimaso iPad Pro10.5 Special film

Nimaso iPad Pro 10.5 Dedicated film 【Made in Asahi Glass Made in Asahi Glass】 Tempered glass liquid crystal protection film High transmittance Explosion proof scratch protection Bubble zero fingerprint prevention Corresponding hardness 9H (iPad Pro 10.5, transparent)

Nimaso sold on iPad Pro10.5 is a protective film only.

The feature is high transmittance, high-quality iPad Pro, photos and images are now able to see clearly.

So the iPad is a protective film that can be used with confidence even those who draw illustrations utilizing drawing tablet with screen.

In addition, scratch prevention, fingerprints, as well as a protective sheet to protect your faithful features, and 9H hardness is also proud of high hardness and priceless iPad Pro will also help prevent the screen from dividing.

When attached to the protective film, it may become difficult to bubble stress, so you can easily put it pasted.

The price is 1,199 yen.

Protection sheet Get the first place in the protection film popularity ranking, iPad Pro to draw illustrations, iPad Pro is utilized by those who seem to have a mandatory item.

Review rating

The evaluation of the review, the degree of transparency in the shiny and shiny, I thought it was clean enough to stick to the film.

The pencil for iPad Pro responds well and is said to draw very pleasantly, and it seems to be popular reason.

It is more easy to clean than a protective sheet and a protective film for a smartphone when pasting, and it is known that it will stick easily because it does not enter the air bubbles, and it received favorable reception.

However, it is said to be easy to put a negative opinion, but it is said to be fragile, and even if it is hard as a glass, it seems to be cracked pakit.

So the treatment is that you have to be very careful.

However, it is obvious that the operability in the pencil is very high as well as the operability with the finger, and iPad Pro users seem to have a recommendation protective film that does not hurt to buy.

ipad pro10.5Anti Glare Glass Film

It is a tempered glass film for iPad Pro sold at EURPMASK.

The feature is glass, which is not a bald but a rugged protective film, and it is anti-glare and anti-reflective.

So you can see the screen cleanly under the sun in any place, and you can operate your iPad in a clean environment.

Hardness is 9H hardness, making it safe to drop down.

In addition, ultra-thin 0.33mm high transparency is also high, there are some glass film perfect for the case.

The use of a large pencil with a smudge of fingerprint fingerprints can also be used without stress, even when operating with your fingers.

The price is 1,266 yen.

There is a protective film for iPad Pro that has a high degree of satisfaction with reviews and high scores.

Review rating

Evaluation evaluation is smooth, and the feeling that the finger feel is good, and the pencil is not burning when I draw in it, but the voice that I am glad that I am able to draw properly is well written because of satisfaction and high score.

The anti-glare feature was especially appreciated, and there was some opinion that iPad Pro was one of the anti-glare products.

Negative comments, because it is a glass film, it is thicker than the sheet only sticks easily, and I was sorry that the screen is slightly blurred because it prevents glare.

And I’m sorry that the price is relatively stronger than other films.

However, since the high transmittance than other anti-glare protective film and protective film is better than when it is drawn in pencil, it is recommended to use pencil and it is worth to use it as a test.


The Wacom drawing tablet with screen or drawing tablet with screen that I introduced this time is a lot of people use iPad Pro protective sheet protective film, but no one is evaluated in the review, I just want to try out popularity popularity.

Liquid tab is expensive, I do not want to scratch from the pen, but we have a protective sheet and protective film attached, so when it comes to recommended protective film, the ease of use is up when you attach a protective film, I would recommend using.